Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Where do you keep your treasured pictures?

Gone were the days when you’d sit on the sofa, get a photo album and laugh at your baby pictures. I missed looking at real photos, as in photos that you can touch and treasure forever. I missed saying “have your pictures developed”, instead of “ have them printed. I missed the 12 and 36 shots and the term “exposed”.  Remember those black small cases where we put the films? I missed those too.
So this is my problem right now, My husband and I have over 3,000 pictures on our phones and tablets which I have a hard time sorting; unorganized google picasa web album and almost 80% used storage on my dropbox account. That’s.A.Lot.

Before, no one would ask you where you really save your pictures. Once you go to someone else’s living room, you’d see stacked of albums on their center tables and you’re free to look at them whenever you want to. Now, you hardly see any albums, because most of our photos are everywhere: Camera Roll on your phone, desktop, hard drive, Facebook, online hard drives and over the web.

I am guilty of this too; I didn't print pictures of the most important events of my life. My wedding, prenup, post nup, when I got pregnant, when I gave birth because of all them are on Facebook. Well, I still have a change though, but the momentum is no longer there. ;)

I do not even remember that I have these photos until I saw them again.  I want to preserve these memories. 

Hhhm, how I wish I could go back to my old figure. haha! :D These pictures make me feel so fattttttttt! 

 I am a fan of scrap book but I do not know why I stopped doing it. If I do it right now, I know it would take me months to organize all of our photos. When I got pregnant, I even promised myself to document each milestones of my daughter, and to print out pictures so I can display them on the living room. I even bought a baby album for my daughter but it still sits on our cabinet and only 3 pages were touched. I even bought a couple of vouchers from a photobook online store so I can have a customized album. But the process is so tedious and I just don’t know where to start decorating the online album. Egad. 

There’s something about old developed photos. They are sentimental. Remember some old photos from a dear friend who even wrote a dedication at the back of their pictures?  

It has been 7 months since I promised myself to document my Milly’s milestones through pictures, but until today I still do not have any presentable pictures frames on our living room. Thanks to our photographer during Milly’s baptism, because they were able to provide some decent print outs from the event. These are our first pictures. 20 wonderful pictures out of 3,000 plus pictures.

How about you? Where do you keep your treasured memorable pictures? 


  1. I love printed pictures! I have a lot! I also have my babies printed pictures on an album. Iba pa din kasi talaga sya kapag nahahawakan mo.



  2. Same dilemma here. Super dami n ng photos ko sa phone, ipod at laptop. But I guess it's better than those in the photo album. Yung sakin na Ondoy lahat ng pictures ko kaya wla ako pang throwback. T_T

  3. This is mostly the complain of my parents, they don't see the pictures na in the photo album unlike before we really need to develop the fill unless it will be exposed and no pictures na. My Little Kulit is now four years old but the album that I have pa lang is his baptismal, first birthday and his delivery

  4. Printed photos are a lot better, although our only printed ones now are just the ones from the Instax haha. Last month, though, I had a bunch of them made into a photobook, and I'll have another one ulit next month.

  5. My mom keep printing pictures but I rarely do so! I have a list of photos to print and put them in an album and frames but I have done nothing yet.

  6. Most are still in my phone. My wedding pictures are on a CD and I keep telling myself I'm going to get them printed and put in an album... It's been 4 years lol. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I keep all my family pictures in external hard drive and printed out our most favorite ones. What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever that is impossible to reproduce. =)

  8. I still print out photos especially those that I want to post on my wall. I love print outs talaga! I still have photo frames. Hehe.

  9. We have an external hard drive where we save all digital copies of our photos but we also print out pictures per event that we put in photo albums para we have something tangible memories to look at. Timeless kasi kapag naka-frame or naka-album ang pictures. :)

  10. I keep a backup photos at a separate drive but I am planning to compile and have it all per event in a book.


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