Thursday, May 28, 2015

The best teacher to my daughter

I loved and enjoyed schooling - actually i was part of the “habituated” students who’d rather stay at home to do home works and review her notes. Now that we have a daughter, we would like to instill the same “passion” and enjoyment with studying.

We’re going to take a big leap to go against the social’s norm. We want to take charge of our daughter’s education and make sure that she learns things the best way possible. Few months ago, before our daughter turned 8 months, my husband and I discussed into home schooling her. I know a lot of parents are still curious about the pros and cons of homeschooling, but based on the articles I’ve read and moms I’ve talked to, I know deep in my heart that homeschooling is just for us. This is my calling, our calling and I’m looking forward to take that challenge. 

So what really compelled us to homeschool our daughter in the next few months?

·         Own curriculum - there are a lot of available curriculum available and you can choose your own schedule that works best for you and your child
·         Bonding - being our child’s teacher is a great bonding. #attachmentparenting at its finest! J
·         Teaching method - we can adapt the teaching method that suits best to our daughter
·         Shelter our daughter from violence and bullies in school
·         Flexible study hours
·         We’d be able to monitor her studies
·         To be closer to God

Right now, there are homeschool providers that are accredited by DepEd. You may check the list for accredited providers 

 My husband and I are eyeing for these providers: CFA (Catholic Filipino Academy) founded by Bo Sanchez; International British Academy , Kids World Integrated in Greenhills and Homeschool of Asia and Pacific in Madrigal Alabang.  We might enroll her as soon as she turns 3 years and we’d home school her spontaneously as soon as she turns 1 year old. Call me OC, but I’ve saved tons of references online and activities to prepare for my daughter.

If you’re curious about homeschooling, these links may be helpful for you.

We’re already eyeing for CFA and their program is really interesting.  Once you enroll your child to their homeschool program, you can have access to curriculum and materials. You can even let your kid join a full blown orchestra and there will be weekly activities so you don’t have to worry about their social skills. Just like any other schools, field trips and moving up day is also available. More details here:

If you want to teach your child, there is no such thing as “Too Early”. That’s why as early as now, I always allot time for our tiny tot study time. Every day, just before her morning siesta, I make sure to let her read some books, and at the same time teach her the “basics”. Take a look at the video below, this is my daughter during her study time. (best when played with sound) ♥ 
A video posted by @kc_alcantara on

A video posted by @kc_alcantara on

Homeschooling isn’t easy and MAY not work for every one. A lot of patience is required, time management is important and there will be some things that you really need to give up. Of course, prayer is needed too. You need to ask for God's guidance to help you all throughout the process. Home schooling may mean, one income household, and since I want to focus on my child’s education, I am looking into leaving my job temporarily (which I’m still thinking over and over again).  For as long as I can manage my time, and can juggle working and teaching, I will do my best to be the best teacher to my daughter. 

PS: Let me know if you need the rates of the schools mentioned above. ☻ 

Visit at Manila Zoo

Happy almost end-of-month of May! You see I’ve been on pause mode lately. I’ve been very busy juggling my schedule to-and-fro and most of my work got piled up. Mommy chores got piled up too. I must say that this month has been a challenge for me and my husband but thankfully, everything’s doing well already and we’re one way or another back on track.

I celebrated my 29th birthday this month, my first ever Mother’s Day with our daughter Milly and our 3rd wedding anniversary. To cap off the busy past few weeks we had, my husband and I decided to bring our daughter to Manila Zoo! We noticed that she loves animals and we thought of showing her “real” animals. My small family is a family-homebody, meaning we’d rather spend time in the house cuddling and playing. So going out during rest days and strolling outdoors aside from the mall was a big thing for us.

Last time I went to Manila Zoo was during my pre-school days (yep!) and to tell you honestly, I do not remember any single detail about it. That’s why when we entered the zoo; I was really quite surprised how it looks like. While I enjoyed watching the animals, I really didn’t find it appealing at all - I think the animals in the zoo are not well taken care of. (Well, I hope I am wrong).  I actually feel sad for the animals that have to experience scourging heat, not-really-clean and rustic cages, swamp water and the environment, far from where they should really be. This may sound old to other people, but for someone who rarely goes out and would like to introduce this kind of leisure and educational parks to kids, this is really quite shocking.  I just hope the government/management can do more regarding its cleanliness and maintenance. They need to spruce it up.

But other than that, we enjoyed our little travel and looking forward to visit more zoos like: Ark Avilon & Malabon Zoo. For sure my daughter would love to see more animals. ♥ 

To end this blog post, let me share the pictures we took during our visit there last week. 

Monday, May 4, 2015

Pro Breastfeeding, Co-Sleeping, Cloth Diaper-ing, Babywearing type of momma

Long before I became a mom, I have already envisioned myself on what kind of parenting I am going to apply to my “soon-to-be-baby.” Nappy changes, white crib with colorful and musical toys mobile, own nursery room, giant stroller and Avent bottles (yup, this specific brand- haha! Marketing is really effective when it comes to baby stuff).  Things always do not happen the way we want it to be, and fortunately, I was equipped for things to be altered as soon as the “real baby” comes.   

Pro breastfeeding - My OB was actually the one pushed me to breastfeed my daughter. I didn’t know its long term benefits - but my main goal was to lose weight fast (they say that breastfeeding mommas tend to lose weight faster than those who do not breastfeed). Thank heaven for breastfeeding advocates and support group for they educated me with its REAL benefits. In my case, the weight loss theory is not true because even if I was able to breastfed thru bottlefeeding my daughter for 8 straight months, my pre-pregnancy weight never came back. Haha! Breastmilk can never be replaced and this is the best sustenance you can give your baby. If you’re still pregnant, I encourage you to breastfeed your child. Think about the benefits and savings too.

Co - sleeping - I bought my daughter her crib before she was born; I’ve always wanted her to sleep inside a girly crib which actually looks like a Princess Tent. My daughter hated it the first time we tried to let her sleep on her crib. And since my daughter’s so clingy, our crib has served its purpose - a giant toy box ala playpen. 

A video posted by @kc_alcantara on
The first night we co-slept ♥♥♥
We’ve been co-sleeping for 9 straight months already. I used to be so malikot while sleeping but I never had problems transitioning when we decided to co-sleep.  

To this. hahaha! 
Read more about the benefits of Co-sleeping here:

Cloth diaper-ing - I was never really convinced with the of benefits cloth diapers until I realized that my husband and I are spending so much when it comes to disposable diapers. My daughter is already teething and she’s a heavy wetter so we buy 2-3 packs of diapers per week. (Buti nalang mura ang EQ! haha) So that’s 287 pesos x 3 = 861. My daughter also started to have diaper rash which made me really worried. This compelled my husband and I to change her nappies every 2-3 hours. (So magastos talaga.)

So 2 weeks ago, I finally gave in and started trying cloth diapers.  It may look expensive because you have to shed a large amount of money to build your stash, but if you compute it, you still save a large amount of money as compared to weekly expenses of disposable diapers.

My daughter and I are both enjoying cloth diapers and I love the fact that I get to wash her “lampin” every now and then. I don’t mind the laundry at all. I am still in the process of collecting stash for my baby girl, and right now, we already have 11 cloth diapers and 7 more on its way.
While the costs of cloth diapers can vary depending on the brand, you can choose CD’s like Alva, Naughty Baby or Baby Land if you opt to save more.

Our first ever stash of Cloth Diapers! ♥ 

We’re using Alva 3.0 & Baby Land Pocket diapers.
Read more about the benefits of Cloth diapers here:

Babywearing - Perhaps this is the reason why my daughter is so clingy. But the number 1 reason why I wear her is because I always wanted to be close to her; it has become my passion because it soothes her.  I love how it feels whenever I feel her close to me.  I wear her because she is soothed by my voice and the beat of my heart. This is my way of reminding her where she belongs, how wanted she has always been, how wanted she will remain. Long will be the years I cannot carry her, so I carry her now.  

Read more about the benefits of babywearing here:

We may have different parenting styles and ways on raising our children but we always have a common ground - and that is giving  and knowing what is best for our children. 

Friday, May 1, 2015

Every day is Mother's Day

Long days, sleepless nights, endless cries and puffy eyes. Giggles and chuckles, laughter and joys, smiles and frowns of my happy little one.

That pretty sums up my life every single day. I will never get tired of “feeling tired” as long as I can give what my baby needs.  I will sacrifice everything just to make her happy and promise to be the best mom I can be. I will love her more than the stars, until infinity and beyond.  

Few days from now, we’re about to celebrate Mother’s Day. (At the back of my mind, I like to appeal that every day should be Mother’s Day; that we should be thanking and celebrating life with them every day. ) It’s going to be my first Mother’s day and for first timer moms like me, the ordinary day every 2nd  Sunday of May unexpectedly turned in to something special. Right this very moment, I still couldn’t believe that I have this beautiful daughter who adores and appreciates me. My dream of becoming a mom has turned in to reality.  How can I not dream about being a mom? This is actually the best thing that has ever happened to me. It made me a better person and after I gave birth to a lovely daughter, it’s like all the stars have aligned and all my questions in life have been answered.  I will forever be thankful to God for this blessing and letting me experience this bliss.

To all the moms out there, flabby tummies, messy hair, battle scars, stretch marks, eye bags -  these are just some of the few things that we are made of. Whenever long days and endless nights seem like infinity, just take a look at your beautiful living miracle and everything will be fine. One day, all of our hardships on being a mom will pay off. Seize every moment, enjoy the time while  you can still squeeze your children and hug them tight. Continue looking in to their eyes and showering them with smooches. Remember, these kind of moments will turn in to memories, because one day, you’ll be surprised, that the little bean you have pampered from months to early years of childhood, no longer wants to be kissed and touched. 

Kudos to all of us. We are doing a great job. Cheers!

PS: To my mom in heaven, I know you are watching over us. Thank you. I will never be a great mom, if not for you. I never understood the depth of your love for me until I became a mom.
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