Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Xbox and vacation

Hi! ☻ This blog has been sitting for a while. I've been very busy being a working wife plus a part time homemade-chef-wanna-be. heheh. Anyhoo, let me share what hubby and I have been up to for the past few days. 

To start off, hubby and I had a very serious discussion about the XBOX we bought right after the wedding.  After 4 days of less than 2 hours of use, it drastically suffered from the RED RING  of DEATH. What’s more frustrating about this is the store won’t accept it for replacement, since we have reported the issue after 7 days from the date of purchase. The issue has been intermittent so we didn’t know if this is really a major issue. After all, we both thought that our xbox was just acting pretty normal. Hehe! What I hate about this is that we need to shell out more than 4k just to have it fixed. They were telling us that they need to bring the unit to Singapore and have some of the parts replaced. (Lucky you xbox, because you get to go to SG):D

We’ve got no choice but to have it fixed – we should have bought a cheaper version of game console instead of shelling out a large amount of money (game console + repair). Now, we’re both afraid to use the console once it gets fixed.  We’ll see what happens once we have the xbox already. Hubby can no longer wait to claim it on the 23rd;  while I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the xbox wouldn’t encounter any problems again. EVER.
Also, last week, we went to our province to pay a visit to my lola. It was supposed to be our postponed honeymoon getaway but due to lack of time, hubby and I weren’t able to accomplish our getaway plans. Now, we’re planning to push it at a later date again. Probably a nearer location would do; perhaps Tagaytay adventure is already enough. So long we get to travel together. ;)

The very beautiful view from our room ♥
The newlyweds!!!

Here's a glimpse of our ancestral house:


And our beloved nanang :) 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Game freak

Once my husband touches the controller, he'll never let go of it! :) and he's so cute when playing games and would get pissed if i distract him. Ahaha.

Friday, June 1, 2012

First week of being a Misis

Hello there everyone! After one year of trailing the blog I have maintained about our wedding preps, I am proud to say that Mark and I are already married! Finally! So this is my first post being an official Mrs. A already and up to this moment, I still cannot believe that we finally made it! As others would say, there is  no such thing as a perfect wedding - but then again, what's important is at the end of the day we were able to exchange vows with each other. So, what really happened the night after we got married?

Nothing much! Since we were both tired about the whole day event, we were left with no choice but to cuddle and sleep the moment our backs landed the bed! :D zzzz. Haha!

Here's our picture as hubby and wifey. :)


And here's our first breakfast together! SOBRANG SAYA ANG SARAP SA PAKIRAMDAM!

Things we both wanted

Few months before our wedding, i have shared the things that hubby and i are supposed to do the day after the wedding. Yes, we have postponed our pulot gata for few days and we wont have it until june 15 because we both wanted to pamper ourselves and securing the things we need as husband and wife :)

After a year of saving for our wedding, our hands got too itchy to buy the things we listed down a week before the wedding. So, with more than a year of being too thrifty, we broke the bank a little - to fulfill our wants :) not too practical i suppose, but we both promised that this is the last time we are going to buy something not so practical for the two of us, most especially that we are saving for our future :)I'm saying not practical because we are not used to in spending our hard earned money.hehe

He bought an xbox while i decided to get a pink lappy. Thank u samsung!!! We also bought this wooden post bed which i have been enjoying for a couple of days already and the led tv we have been eyeing to buy for months already :)
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