Friday, June 1, 2012

Things we both wanted

Few months before our wedding, i have shared the things that hubby and i are supposed to do the day after the wedding. Yes, we have postponed our pulot gata for few days and we wont have it until june 15 because we both wanted to pamper ourselves and securing the things we need as husband and wife :)

After a year of saving for our wedding, our hands got too itchy to buy the things we listed down a week before the wedding. So, with more than a year of being too thrifty, we broke the bank a little - to fulfill our wants :) not too practical i suppose, but we both promised that this is the last time we are going to buy something not so practical for the two of us, most especially that we are saving for our future :)I'm saying not practical because we are not used to in spending our hard earned money.hehe

He bought an xbox while i decided to get a pink lappy. Thank u samsung!!! We also bought this wooden post bed which i have been enjoying for a couple of days already and the led tv we have been eyeing to buy for months already :)

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