Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My cousin's wedding ☻

Ever since my husband and I got married, I have been a “lover” of weddings, thinking that I haven’t overcome the wedding hangover yet. We’re still on the honeymoon stage yet, and that explains why I feel giddy every time I know someone’s getting married. Nevertheless, I am always happy whenever I see a couple exchanges their wedding vows while a part of me still dreams that I could marry my husband over and over again.

Aside from being the bride's bridemaid - I enjoyed the event more because I was able to see my childhood friends, and yes, we took a lot of pictures and of course we reminisced our childhood days. The endless kwentos and sleep overs we had were talked about, hoping we could turn back time and do that again. 

So to the newlyweds, CONGRATULATIONS and ALL THE BEST. ♥ Thanks for making us a part of your special day and don't forget to make God as the center of your relationship. 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

December Tagaytay Getaway

Warning: This post are pictures overload. 

Last week, hubby and I had to chance to go out of town and spend quality time together. Vacation is really a must in every couple, so always make sure that you go out of town every now and then so you get to discover more things together. 

The down side is, since only the two of us travelled together, no one's going to take charge of taking our pictures together. Most of the shots we had during our vacation were scenic views and our faces. Take note, close up faces. Worse part is my new digicam got busted (there's this black spot on the LCD) which makes me feel bad using it; so ending, we had to use the bulky ipad on taking our pictures. So if you plan to go out of town and use your iPad, better download the camera timer! ;) 

We were able to visit a lot of places which we don't usually do. (hubby and i are such home buddies). We went to Caleruega, Sonya's Garden, Residence Inn (just outside though, we didn't find the entrance fee really reasonable at all), Good Sheperd and Tierra de Maria. It was such a fun experience, most especially when we went to Caleruega. The guard on duty kept on redirecting us to the main office and said that we should wait at the lobby. Mark and I were very clueless because we didn't get how come we have to go to the main office and ask for their permission to tour on Caleruega where in fact we have already paid for the entrance fee and we have the brochure/map already. Little did we know that the guard thought that we are couples who plan to block a date for a wedding. **Grin**. 

Actually, hubby and I were supposed to go to Baguio but we changed our mind the last minute because we thought it would be better off to go to Tagaytay because we're a bit familiar with the place, plus it's more cheaper. But I was WRONG! Tagaytay is such an expensive tourist destination, and it's really not recommended to stay there for a couple of days without bringing a car. (just like what we did) hehe. We had to shell out a total of 1800 for the tricycle ALONE, plus the food and the hotel accomodation. But mind you, it was really priceless because we both enjoyed our stay there. 

We stayed the first 2 night in View Park Hotel (in front of Picnic Grove), service wise they are really okay. But since there's an ongoing construction on the hotel, you can really hear the noise of the hammers and the voices of the construction workers. Peso power: 3,000 per night. Two thumbs up to their breakfast so with the hotel attendants because they were really nice.

On our last night, we stayed at the grandeous Estancia Resort Hotel (my favorite hotel so far). They've got a lot of room types, and we booked the Santorini room. You need to ride a golf car to reach the hotel room, and that's what I loved about it. It's far from the hotel's lobby and you get to have a very good view of the taal volcano. The view was really breathtaking and you would feel as if you are in Santorini. Every peso we've shed for the room was really worth it and their food was superb! (Most especially the free pancakes served on breakfast) hehe. Peso power: 6500/night. 

Here are some of our photos: 

That's our room!  on the right! 

Hotel's function room. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I am a Silent Rusher

I've always heard the tandem Chico (who looks like Elmo as per Delamar. Yes! she said that during an interview which happened more than a decade and that's the only thing I could remember of Chico before I became a silent rusher) and Delamar during my childhood days but only had the chance to listen to them just recently. I've always thought that their tandem is more like a love story. :D. I used to see them on TV interviews but I didn't know that their forte is all about throwing jokes and making their listeners giggle whenever they listen to them. No wonder they have a lot of listeners going gaga over them (yeah, including me). They really have the wits and have the best banat's ever! Recently, Gino joined their tandem, and they're now known as the Kikay Barkada. ♥

And so  I've downloaded all the podcasts available on iTunes and make sure that I listen to them before and after going to work. I never get tired listening to them and play most of my favorite episodes over and over again. Too bad, my phone doesn't have a radio so I couldn't listen to them live on air.

I admire them, their intelligence and wits. Even if they keep on throwing jokes at each other, I bet you'll surely learn a lot of things from them. Mind you, if you want to be good in speaking in English, listening to them is a good way to start. hehe!

Good thing, my agent, who also happens to be my friend, gets the privilege to go to the Kikay Barkada booth. To top that, he has won a lot of prizes already from RX 93.1! How cool is that :) He was able to get me a fan sign too! Thanks Adrian.

Gino, is my crush next to my husband. hehe ☻

So if you haven't tried listening to TMR (The Morning Rush), now's the time to do so. They'll make you laugh, and that's a 100% guarantee. 

And oops! before I forget, grab a copy of their Top 10 book 2! ☻ It's worth reading. 

Photo napped from Adrian's Facebook account. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Goodbye to being STRAIGHT ☻

After years of having rebonded hair, I finally decided last week to have my hair permed. To be honest, I was quite nervous with entire process, because I was scared that my hair would be damaged totally after years of undergoing full rebond treatment; plus the fact that I do not go to salon regularly to have it treated. (hot oil, hair spa and the like).

But since I was really positive to change my hairstyle, plus I am really dying to get semi-permanent curly locks, I finally gave in and tried to have it permed at Beauty Brick. Beauty brick has really good reviews and satisfied clients; so I never had doubts about the salon. It was really a fun experience – minus the sweat I went through when walking the entire stretch of Jupiter street. haha. For the record, I got lost and had to go back and forth along the stretch of Buendia just to find the salon. Thank you Google maps for being reliable J

Mr. Shin, the owner is truly an expert. He really knows what he is doing and tells you; (well not directly to you but to the interpreter) what suits you best. The place was really homey and I loved how the salon was set up. I never felt bored because all the attendants were very nice   plus the entire process was really not tiresome after all. (Possibly it’s because I was too excited to see the results of my permed hair that’s why I wasn’t able to keep track of time). I was expecting that the procedure would take some time just like hair rebonding, but thanks to the digitalized machine – it made the entire process so much faster. Unlike hair rebond, usually it takes 6-7 hours before the attendants finish my hair, but for digital perm the process only lasted for 3 hours.  As per the end results, I am loving my curls more and more each day. Ahehe. It’s as if every day I have a new hairstyle; loose, small, tight curls. I can even bun my hair without worrying that I might lose my rebonded hair! I can even crimp it whenever the weather is hot.

If you have read so much good reviews about Beauty Brick and you’ve fully decided to have your hair permed, I suggest you give it a try. Just make sure to set an appointment with them because Beauty Brick has a lot of clients’ EVERYDAY 

Beauty Brick

Unit 103 Dona Consolacion Bldg.
122 Jupiter St., Bel-Air
Makati City, Metro Manila                                                 


That's me ☻  I was too afraid that my hair won't take the medicines; because when my hair was still rebonded and no matter how many times you curl it using a curling iron plus the power of spraynet, my hair just won't take it. Hanginin lang straight na ulit. That's why during my wedding day, my HMUA had to retouch my hair a couple of times just to make it curl!

Tada! the End results! :) 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Nail art is Love

Nail art is one of the reasons I wish I was ambidextrous. This hobby makes me really busy every day, and it helps relieve stress.

There is something about painting my nails  that makes me very happy and really fulfilled whenever I see the designs I have painted my nails. This is a new discovered talent, and I want to improve it! ♥ Me, who doesn't know how to draw can actually paint nails. How cool is that. ☻

Everyday I am learning new strokes and techniques. I love the process how I learn new designs, and looking at the styles how I painted my nails, I can truly say that I am getting better everyday.

Here's my latest work: 

And these are the designs I have tried so far. ☻

Thanks Cathy for allowing me to paint your nails ☻

Oh, have I mentioned that I also painted my hubby's toenails? Haha! Sorry babe for posting this. Tee hee. 

And these are my tools. ☻

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