Friday, January 30, 2015

Milly's first solid foods

Since Milly turned 6 months, we've been very consistent on giving her solid foods.  Mark and I didn't have a hard time introducing her to solid foods; her pedia was ri Though there are times that she would reject the food I'd prepare for her, I am still thankful that she doesn't get any allergies even if I kept on transitioning from one food to another. (This isn't advisable though because offering different type of foods is much better if you do it every 3 days). I was too excited and always looked forward to feed her during breakfast and lunch time. Milly doesn't eat dinner because she usually sleeps at 5PM. 

Before giving solid foods to Milly, I've always wanted to try the Baby Led Weaning method, but since my husband is so scared & doesn't want to believe me that Milly can do it, I am left with no choice but to prepare mashed veggies or fruits. And here's the guilty part of me, I hated myself for having her taste Gerber. I bought some gerber stuff online that says its organic and NO PRESERVATIVES. Just like what other moms would say, babies would love this type of food because of its flavorful taste. Scared with the long term effect of Gerber, I committed myself to prepare Milly's food; as in cook, mash and puree veggies and fruits (I'm completely saying goodbye to junk foods) . I discarded the boxes of pre-made cereals and baby food and replaced them with fresh fruits and vegetables. Well, surprisingly, Milly loves every bits and pieces of fruits I prepare for her. Mommies really  make the best food ever. :) 

Here are her first batch of pureed fruits. I'll share the recipes one of these days. 

Milly's first ever pureed fruit. Banapapple (Yes, you read that right! It's a combination of Banana + Apple + Papaya) I added papaya to prevent constipation. Based on my observation, Milly would have kambing like poopoo every time she eats bananas and would have a hard time pooping. 

Since she enjoyed her first pureed fruits, I made another batch.
It's a combination of Mango + Carrots + Papaya + Apple

That's her, trying to eat her silly bib with pureed fruit on it. :D Gutom lang! haha!

Monday, January 19, 2015

How I sleep trained Milly

I am one of the lucky moms out there because Milly's sleeping pattern adjusted so easily. She sleeps through the night, and wake up at 3 or 4 in the morning. I am lucky because during rest days, I am able to sleep beside her and during day time, she also takes a nap so I get to sleep with her.

Here are some of my tips how I trained her to sleep through the night. 

1. Use a swaddle - this is very useful most especially that babies have the startle reflex. By using swaddle, they're arms and legs are wrapped for warmth and security. I started wrapping her on swaddle when she was only a few weeks old. Every time I wrap her inside the swaddle, she already knows that it is sleeping time.

2 Turn off the lights - turning off the lights during the night may be useful, however if you are not that confident with ligths off, using a night lamp will do. During Milly's first few weeks, I always keep the lights on so I can always keep an eye on her. Dim lights will make your baby realize that is still still night time.

3. Change night time clothes - When I was still on maternity leave, I change her day clothes to jammies every 4 or 5 o'clock in the afternoon. I would give her some sponge bath, put some powder and cologne. Whenever we do this during the afternoon, she already knows that it is near sleeping time.

4. Use night lights with musical tones - This was useful for me, because every time I turn off the lights and turn on her Sky the Seahorse, she already knows that its sleeping time.

Those 4 steps helped me how to train her to sleep. These tips worked for me, because she's a night sleeper already. :D She doesn't even want to be cradled before sleeping. Right now, Milly usually sleeps from 3PM to 3AM. She only wakes up for feeding, but sleeps after that.

I've captured some pictures of Milly while sleeping. Cute, eh?

And I just can't help but share this. 

She smiled the moment she realized I was taking a picture of her while sleeping. haha! 

I was wearing a mask due to colds :D 

Milly's Christening

Ola, mommies! Belated Happy New Year!  I’ve been very busy lately that’s why I’ve been MIA and haven’t posted some updates regarding my motherhood, but this time I.REALLY.PROMISE and would make sure to update my blog every now and then regarding my mommyhood journey.

Last week, January 11 - we celebrated Milly’s baptism. Everyone enjoyed the baptismal party we have prepared for our special friends and family members and Milly was showered with so many gifts from her ninong’s and ninang’s. I was very proud too of Milly because she cooperated all throughout the ceremony and reception. She was awake the whole time and only cried when she was already hungry.

Here’s a rundown of our suppliers and a little bit of story why we ended up booking them.

Church: Shrine of Jesus the way the truth and the life (near SM Mall of Asia)
Chaching: 2,500 solo baptism only  (1oo pesos per ninong/ninang)

-          If you’ve been searching on the Internet about baptismal requirements, you may notice that most churches are now requiring a permit if you would like to have your child baptize outside your parish church. Las Pinas is part of that decree and our parish church do not give permits to local residents. Holding the ceremony in Las Pinas is okay with me, but since most of our relatives and friends live in North, I opted to find another church that does not require a permit and hold the ceremony halfway. Thanks to Smart parenting website, because it led me to Shrine of Jesus. Based on their website, the church only requires a copy of the marriage certificate and copy of baptismal certificate. So Mark and I called the church to check if our preferred date is still available but to my surprise all slots have been taken. Reservations for this church should be made at least 1-2 months before your preferred date.

-          So Mark and I went there to book January 11, 930AM. Little did we know that the church have updated its requirements and they are NOW ASKING for a permit. (so Mommies and daddies, please prepare for a permit before going there) However, do take note that they are accepting pencil booking which is only good for 5 days. Pencil booking cannot be done over the phone. Upon paying the baptismal fee, all requirements MUST be complete. If you're curious how we got the permit, we asked it from Bulacan, where my husband used to stay. hehe. 

The ceremony was very solemn and it started at exactly 9:30. Part of their regulation is to allow only the godparents, parents and photographers inside their baptistery, but with my wits and charm I am able to ask for permission to allow all the guests to go inside. The ceremony was real fast, the priest who officiated the ceremony talked so fast too and I didn’t expect that the ceremony would only take 15 minutes. I was expecting for something more. !

The church also provides missalettes, candles and the white robe. So make sure you keep all of these handy during the ceremony. 

Here are some pictures during the ceremony. We're still waiting for the actual photos from our official photographer though. Tee hee. 

Reception: Shakeys, Aseana
Chaching: 22,000

Dealing with Shakeys Aseana was such a breeze. All the details and info I gave them were followed and they were very hands on during the event. They kept on updating me with the headcount and would tell me if we need to add something on our menu. Two thumbs up with their services. If you’re looking for a budgeted place where to hold a party, you can never go wrong with Shakeys. Just make sure to provide them all the information.

Only downside was that the host pronounced my daughter’s name incorrectly. LOL!

Again, pictures to be posted soon! Shakeys Aseana is the newly opened Shakeys along Bradco Avenue. Near City of Dreams and just beside Caltex.

Event Stylist: Styled by Deiz
Chaching: Rates undisclosed

Dealing with Deiz was such a breeze. I loved how she decorated the venue and all the images I’ve been picturing on my mind before the event became into reality. My baby’s baptism wouldn’t be as beautiful as it was if not with her styling. ☻ Too bad one of the guests accidentally broke her glass jars so I had to pay an additional 1,200. If you’re looking for a reputable event stylist, you can never go wrong with Deiz. I never had a chance to meet up with her before the event, all conversations and transactions were done thru FB messenger and text messages so I was quite surprised how easy she is to work with.

Photobooth: POTD Photobooth
Chaching: 3,000

I booked them the day before the event - and I couldn’t thank them enough by working on all my requests. The only downside on their packages is that the timer is too long. Per frame is 15 seconds and I hope there’s an option if the client would like to change the number of seconds. There were 4 frames on our layout so that would be a total of 1 minute per photo booth session. Less time, meaning more people to enjoy the photobooth.

Invitations: Monograms Manila (MonogramsMNL)
Chaching: Rates undisclosed

Anne, the brainchild of MonogramsMNL is one of the most talented people I know. She can create a layout in just a few minutes and can do whatever theme you want. I am thankful because I got her services for Milly’s invitations, because aside from the numerous revisions I have requested from her (the date, the time, the venue and so much more) she printed out so many invitations, so I was able to give invitations to all of my friends. I only ordered 25 pieces but I think she printed 50-60 pieces. Haha! Well, aside from the invitations, she even gave me a free “donya” necklace which I wore during Milly’s baptism. So if you’re looking for someone who can create layouts, let Anne do the work.
Instagram: monogramsmnl  or
She’s on facebook too, just search Monograms Manila

Photographer: KK Shots
Chaching: published rate is 4,500

They’re one of the best freelancers out there. Kevin has an eye for every detail and can really see through the lens. Mind you, he’s even better than the photographer we ve hired during our wedding. Hihi! (hush) I’ve booked them because they are my officemates and I know how well they take pictures. As of this writing, I am still waiting for the official photos, but here’s a snap shot of our family sesh during Milly’s baptism.

Baptismal Dress: Little Blessings
Chaching: 499 pesos

I actually had a difficult time looking for the perfect dress for Milly. Milly is a chunky baby so buying online was really not an option. I actually bought 2 dresses for her thru Instagram, but she wasn’t to use it. I got her 1 tutu dress (bought for 700 pesos) and a pink shabby dress for 350 pesos. I sold the tutu dress at a very cheap price and kept the pink dress.

Good thing my husband and I saw a cute dress at SM Fairview that exactly fits her. Yun nga lang, after the event sa sobrang chunky nya, natanggal ang buttons. Hehe!
If you’re near South, you can check some overruns in SM Sucat. They sell Little Blessings at a very affordable price. The long baptismal dress only costs 200pesos each; its regular price is at 1200. It’s such a good steal.

Candles, Shabby Chic Headband, Souvenirs: Labor of love
80 pesos for the candles
100 for the pink tulle
17 pesos for the lace
20 pesos for the shabby flower
Free for the souvenirs, because it was one of my friends who pledged for the rosary giveaways

So there! ☻ I am just happy that Milly’s first event is done. 1 done and more to go. Next preparation is for her first birthday party! 
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