Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Ready to pop anytime soon!

Hello there mommies! It's my 38th week today, and I'm ready to pop any time soon. A lot of things have happened for the past months of my pregnancy. I took an early maternity leave because I couldn't keep myself from commuting every now and then and didn't want to risk the health of my baby girl Milly Antonette. This is also the first time I stayed that long in the house without thinking of waking up ON TIME and dragging myself to work everyday. LOL. I just couldn't believe that we're on our final stretch of third trimester and I'm going to see my baby girl and touch her real SOON! 

During my first trimester, my ob diagnosed my pregnancy with threatened abortion. When we reached our 3rd trimester, i had to take a bed rest due to pre-term labor. All throughout my last trimester, we've been monitoring my blood sugar level, blood pressure and so with my baby's heartbeat. Now that's another case because I seldom feel my baby's intense kicks because I have an anterior placenta, which makes it so hard for me to track her movements. (but baby's fine. She has a strong and good heartbeat) I even had to undergo so many lab tests and ultrasound to monitor my baby and make sure that she's fine because I've experienced too much stress from my mother's sudden death. I'm so happy that my baby is so strong. Thank you Milly for behaving inside mommy's tummy. It wasn't an easy journey, but I know it will all be worth once I give birth.

I've always wanted to share stories and the progress of my pregnancy on this blog, but since I've been sluggish lately, too bad that I'm only able to update it right now, when I'm about to give birth already. :) So once I give birth, I promise to update this blog every now and then and to share my mommyhood experience! ;)

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