Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tula Baby Carrier

Shriek! I just received a happy mail this afternoon from CEO Emporium! If you’re an advocate of babywearing, most likely you’d be familiar with Tula Baby Carriers. I’ve always wanted to have this carrier since then and I couldn’t believe that my baby and I can use it already. Geez, I can’t explain the happiness I feel right now. Such  a perfect gift for my upcoming birthday and Mother’s day celebration J

 My husband and I discussed the benefits of buying another carrier for my baby; and after checking our budget and careful deliberation, we decided to buy a new one. It’s actually my first time to use a soft structured carrier (SSC), and I can easily compare the differences among my carriers. My daughter loves babywearing as much as I do, so I believe this is worth the investment. J

I have 2 different carriers before I got our Tula. One is the Suppori Sling which I bought from Cudsly, and the next 9 ring sling that I bought when my baby was only 2 weeks old. I’ve had a love and hate relationship with my ring sling because I’ve always had difficulties setting it up. So when I found out that Suppori doesn’t need to be tied and threaded, I was compelled to buy it. Unfortunately, my daughter doesn’t like it as much as she appreciates being in the ring sling. So the sling was left unused and the ring sling got abused. Haha! Ring sling has been my go to most especially that my daughter has been at her crankiest these days. She started teething and it’s only the ring sling and me who can pacify her.

But now that my daughter is starting to become heavier, my right shoulder and back start to get hurt while strolling at the mall.  Right there and then, I knew that I needed wanted a new carrier and own another type which is the SSC.

Like other moms, I was never familiar of Tula until I read it from Babywearing Philippines. I even told myself before that I have no plans of buying it most especially with its price tag. Yes, it may be expensive but I’m telling you, it really is worth the investment. Most mom's would recommend tula if you're looking for an SSC type of carrier. This isn't a status carrier but they highly recommend it because of its benefits and quality. Also, have you checked their designs yet? They have one of the best and unique prints. 

I got myself the little Rascals. 

Here's an action shot. I will try to share more pictures as we road test it. ♥ 
Lil Rascals
I got mine from CEO Emporium for 7,000 plus 150 pesos shipping fee. BaoBao babies also sell Tula Baby Carriers and these shops also provide installment/layaway plans. 

Tula is an ergonomic baby carrier and here are its features: 

  • can be used in both front and back carries
  • can be used from 15-45 pounds (toddler carrier is approved for 25-50 lbs)
  • can be used from birth with the use of the revolutionary Tula Infant Insert (not included), and into toddlerhood with Tula Free to Grow Extenders (not included)
  • is easy to use and comfortable
  • provides an ergonomic M-position seat supporting optimal development for baby’s body
  • is easy to care for and machine washable
  • is made by hand from 100% Öko-Tex Standard 100 certified cotton
  • is made with the highest quality Duraflex buckles available
  • includes features such as dual-adjustment straps to allow for the perfect fit, additional leg-opening and shoulder padding, and a large pocket on the contouring hip belt
  • includes a removable hood to support baby’s head while asleep, protect from sun
  •  or wind, and allow for comfortable breastfeeding

If you have an extra budget, you can never go wrong with Tula. Talk about benefits and the comfort it can give you and your baby. Or, if you want to try other SSC carriers, you can also check these brands: 

Ergo (just be careful, because I've read that there are a lot of counterfeit Ergo's in the market) 
Moby Go 

Again, if you plan to wear you baby, don't forget to check these guidelines. ♥ 


  1. That'a a nice baby carrier and I love its features. Will share this to fellow moms who have little ones to carry. Thanks!!

  2. Mommy Kat, I love the Tula baby carrier designs with ergonomic features as well. It's now more convenient to carry our babies esp. when moms get to shop or do errands.

  3. New moms of today are so lucky to have all these "help" they can get.from the smallest things.

  4. i agree with you, this is totally worth the investment esp if youre a hands on mom :)

  5. It's funny I was baby carrying my 2 eldest when it wasn't in fashion. In fact it was frowned upon and I got looks from everyone. So long ago... It's good that this is an accepted practice and that carriers being manufactured today have taken many more things into consideration. Also love the styles!

  6. My husband was a baby-wearing dad, unfortunately for me, none of the slings worked for me. But this Tula carrier looks like something that could've worked. Sayang! I wish this was available when my kids were younger

  7. I love using baby carriers when my kids were little too, they are very convenient, secured, and comfortable! I forgot the brand names, but I'm sure it wasn't from Tula. These looks really comfy and super cute ng designs. Worthy investment for sure!

  8. 12 years ago there aren't so many designs for carriers, moms are luckier these days.

  9. I love the design of this carrier. We were only able to buy a secondhand Chicco carrier - I didn't do much research on other carriers since I thought they looked too hot to use here in the tropics.

  10. I used carriers when going on long trips with my child. This Tula carrier is something I would have used then.

  11. Baby carriers are so convenient, especially when strolling in malls. Your new baby carrier looks so fashionable!


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