Thursday, April 23, 2015

Your Baby Can Read

Nope, my baby can’t read yet, but as early as 9 months, she can already recognize some words and animals on flash cards.

Last week, I ordered a complete set of Your Baby Can Read from OhBabyPh. I was actually hesitant to buy it because I have read mixed reviews about the product. Actually, if you check Your Baby Can Read online, you’d surely bump into negative reviews claiming that this product is actually a fraud and the company is already going out of business. Well, actually most of them are negative reviews, but what convinced me to buy this whole set are the actual videos that I see from the seller's account. ♥ 

After weighing the pros and cons, my husband and I decided to try it to our daughter and to tell you honestly, we both loved the results. We just started the “program” last Saturday and my daughter who I think is a fast learner can already recognize some words, animals and gestures. She can’t read yet, but at least we are seeing positive results. As early as 9 months, she can already recognize the word “hi”, pictures of “clap”, “wave” and some animals like: “dog” “gorilla” & “cat”. Take a look at the videos below. I thought everything was just a tsamba, so I changed the positions of the cards and yet she was able to get the correct one.

A video posted by @kc_alcantara on

A video posted by @kc_alcantara on

They say that in order for the program to be effective, the parent should let their babies watch the videos 1-2 x day and should lessen watching cartoons. It’s actually an advantage for us, because my daughter isn’t fond of watching TV shows. She actually does not like watching cartoons. It’s advisable to let your babies watch this program while they are still young, because if they are already fond of watching cartoons, most likely they wouldn’t appreciate watching this. Imagine, plain words flashing your screen with a little bit of song in between; no animated characters or cartoons. A lot of perseverance and patience is needed when you want your babies to learn the program. You need to watch with them, demo some actions and read the words aloud too. This has been a part of our morning routine just before she takes her morning siesta. (Actually, memorize ko na nga yung sequence ng mga words) haha!

Your baby can read is actually worth the purchase - for 3,980 pesos you get all these items: 

* 5-dvd set of Your Baby Can Read 
* 5 sets of the sliding double sided word and picture cards 
* 5 lift the flap books 
* Game CardsSet
* Word Cards Set
* Paren'ts Guide book and DVD
* 6 small My First Words Books: Kitchen, Home, Play, Bathroom, Garden & Bedroom 
* My First Words Book: 30 Words for Growing Minds 
* 5-dvd set of Your Child Can Read
* Blank Flash Cards 
* 1 music CD 
* 1 pen

I am not relying on this program alone to teach my baby how to read (and I think she's too young for that haha). I know mommies would agree if I say, if we want our kids to acquire a love for reading, we should introduce them to books while they are still young. I still read her a book everyday, and let her play with it every now and then. I still let her watch her favorite Sesame Street and Baby Einstein and do not limit her play time. Babies will be babies and we cannot force them to learn how to READ and recognize things as early as 3 months and up. Let them enjoy and explore, but there's no harm in introducing them in such programs like these. 


  1. 9 months! You must be so proud! Congrats mommy Kat! I'll look into this program din soon, looks good!

  2. Wow, what a great milestone for your baby at such an early age! Way to go mommy Kat & good job to your baby too!

  3. That's one great program! I should have known about it when my daughter was 9 months. She is now a toddler and all she wants is to play haha


  4. Wow, good job to you and your baby. My daughter is already 18 months old and we haven't taught her to recognize words yet, just pictures of animals, fruits, toys, body parts, and kid stuff. That's a great program.

  5. Great job baby, keep it up! It's wonderful to know that at an early age, you already introduced your little one to reading. I'm sure she'll be fond of it as she grows older.

  6. Wow! She's doing well at 9 months!! Good job Mommy Kat! :)

  7. That's nice, 9 month old, early reader!

  8. I was looking for learning materials for my little girl, and I remembered you post something about books. Here I am, contacting oh baby ph! :)


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