Friday, January 30, 2015

Milly's first solid foods

Since Milly turned 6 months, we've been very consistent on giving her solid foods.  Mark and I didn't have a hard time introducing her to solid foods; her pedia was ri Though there are times that she would reject the food I'd prepare for her, I am still thankful that she doesn't get any allergies even if I kept on transitioning from one food to another. (This isn't advisable though because offering different type of foods is much better if you do it every 3 days). I was too excited and always looked forward to feed her during breakfast and lunch time. Milly doesn't eat dinner because she usually sleeps at 5PM. 

Before giving solid foods to Milly, I've always wanted to try the Baby Led Weaning method, but since my husband is so scared & doesn't want to believe me that Milly can do it, I am left with no choice but to prepare mashed veggies or fruits. And here's the guilty part of me, I hated myself for having her taste Gerber. I bought some gerber stuff online that says its organic and NO PRESERVATIVES. Just like what other moms would say, babies would love this type of food because of its flavorful taste. Scared with the long term effect of Gerber, I committed myself to prepare Milly's food; as in cook, mash and puree veggies and fruits (I'm completely saying goodbye to junk foods) . I discarded the boxes of pre-made cereals and baby food and replaced them with fresh fruits and vegetables. Well, surprisingly, Milly loves every bits and pieces of fruits I prepare for her. Mommies really  make the best food ever. :) 

Here are her first batch of pureed fruits. I'll share the recipes one of these days. 

Milly's first ever pureed fruit. Banapapple (Yes, you read that right! It's a combination of Banana + Apple + Papaya) I added papaya to prevent constipation. Based on my observation, Milly would have kambing like poopoo every time she eats bananas and would have a hard time pooping. 

Since she enjoyed her first pureed fruits, I made another batch.
It's a combination of Mango + Carrots + Papaya + Apple

That's her, trying to eat her silly bib with pureed fruit on it. :D Gutom lang! haha!

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