Wednesday, December 19, 2012

December Tagaytay Getaway

Warning: This post are pictures overload. 

Last week, hubby and I had to chance to go out of town and spend quality time together. Vacation is really a must in every couple, so always make sure that you go out of town every now and then so you get to discover more things together. 

The down side is, since only the two of us travelled together, no one's going to take charge of taking our pictures together. Most of the shots we had during our vacation were scenic views and our faces. Take note, close up faces. Worse part is my new digicam got busted (there's this black spot on the LCD) which makes me feel bad using it; so ending, we had to use the bulky ipad on taking our pictures. So if you plan to go out of town and use your iPad, better download the camera timer! ;) 

We were able to visit a lot of places which we don't usually do. (hubby and i are such home buddies). We went to Caleruega, Sonya's Garden, Residence Inn (just outside though, we didn't find the entrance fee really reasonable at all), Good Sheperd and Tierra de Maria. It was such a fun experience, most especially when we went to Caleruega. The guard on duty kept on redirecting us to the main office and said that we should wait at the lobby. Mark and I were very clueless because we didn't get how come we have to go to the main office and ask for their permission to tour on Caleruega where in fact we have already paid for the entrance fee and we have the brochure/map already. Little did we know that the guard thought that we are couples who plan to block a date for a wedding. **Grin**. 

Actually, hubby and I were supposed to go to Baguio but we changed our mind the last minute because we thought it would be better off to go to Tagaytay because we're a bit familiar with the place, plus it's more cheaper. But I was WRONG! Tagaytay is such an expensive tourist destination, and it's really not recommended to stay there for a couple of days without bringing a car. (just like what we did) hehe. We had to shell out a total of 1800 for the tricycle ALONE, plus the food and the hotel accomodation. But mind you, it was really priceless because we both enjoyed our stay there. 

We stayed the first 2 night in View Park Hotel (in front of Picnic Grove), service wise they are really okay. But since there's an ongoing construction on the hotel, you can really hear the noise of the hammers and the voices of the construction workers. Peso power: 3,000 per night. Two thumbs up to their breakfast so with the hotel attendants because they were really nice.

On our last night, we stayed at the grandeous Estancia Resort Hotel (my favorite hotel so far). They've got a lot of room types, and we booked the Santorini room. You need to ride a golf car to reach the hotel room, and that's what I loved about it. It's far from the hotel's lobby and you get to have a very good view of the taal volcano. The view was really breathtaking and you would feel as if you are in Santorini. Every peso we've shed for the room was really worth it and their food was superb! (Most especially the free pancakes served on breakfast) hehe. Peso power: 6500/night. 

Here are some of our photos: 

That's our room!  on the right! 

Hotel's function room. 

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