Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I am a Silent Rusher

I've always heard the tandem Chico (who looks like Elmo as per Delamar. Yes! she said that during an interview which happened more than a decade and that's the only thing I could remember of Chico before I became a silent rusher) and Delamar during my childhood days but only had the chance to listen to them just recently. I've always thought that their tandem is more like a love story. :D. I used to see them on TV interviews but I didn't know that their forte is all about throwing jokes and making their listeners giggle whenever they listen to them. No wonder they have a lot of listeners going gaga over them (yeah, including me). They really have the wits and have the best banat's ever! Recently, Gino joined their tandem, and they're now known as the Kikay Barkada. ♥

And so  I've downloaded all the podcasts available on iTunes and make sure that I listen to them before and after going to work. I never get tired listening to them and play most of my favorite episodes over and over again. Too bad, my phone doesn't have a radio so I couldn't listen to them live on air.

I admire them, their intelligence and wits. Even if they keep on throwing jokes at each other, I bet you'll surely learn a lot of things from them. Mind you, if you want to be good in speaking in English, listening to them is a good way to start. hehe!

Good thing, my agent, who also happens to be my friend, gets the privilege to go to the Kikay Barkada booth. To top that, he has won a lot of prizes already from RX 93.1! How cool is that :) He was able to get me a fan sign too! Thanks Adrian.

Gino, is my crush next to my husband. hehe ☻

So if you haven't tried listening to TMR (The Morning Rush), now's the time to do so. They'll make you laugh, and that's a 100% guarantee. 

And oops! before I forget, grab a copy of their Top 10 book 2! ☻ It's worth reading. 

Photo napped from Adrian's Facebook account. 

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