Friday, June 1, 2012

First week of being a Misis

Hello there everyone! After one year of trailing the blog I have maintained about our wedding preps, I am proud to say that Mark and I are already married! Finally! So this is my first post being an official Mrs. A already and up to this moment, I still cannot believe that we finally made it! As others would say, there is  no such thing as a perfect wedding - but then again, what's important is at the end of the day we were able to exchange vows with each other. So, what really happened the night after we got married?

Nothing much! Since we were both tired about the whole day event, we were left with no choice but to cuddle and sleep the moment our backs landed the bed! :D zzzz. Haha!

Here's our picture as hubby and wifey. :)


And here's our first breakfast together! SOBRANG SAYA ANG SARAP SA PAKIRAMDAM!

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