Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Things to do the day after our wedding

I'm already getting married in the next 30 days, and I am proud to say that I am not experiencing any cold feet AT ALL! ☻ Aside from trying to build a bigger family, Mark and I have already prepared to to-do-lists we need to do, the DAY after the wedding. As in - the day after the wedding. 

Here it goes: 

♥ Go to church together. We NEED to attend our First Sunday mass being husband and wife. 
♥ Shop for our own appliances. Even if we are going to stay at my parent's place (in the meantime I suppose), we opted to buy new things for our room. 

The 24 inch LED TV we reserved in SM Appliance
A new bed and sheets
Pair of sneakers
PS3 (yes!yes!) 
Laptop and desktop
MP3 player for Mark
new cellphone for me. haha 

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that our plans would fall in the right place. Ironic isn't it? But I guess, this is the last time we are going to buy something for ourselves, once again right before we save again for our future. 

♥ Stay and cuddle in the house as hubby and wifey! woot woot! 

So there you go! The next time I post on this blog, I'll be Mrs. A already. 

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