Thursday, May 28, 2015

The best teacher to my daughter

I loved and enjoyed schooling - actually i was part of the “habituated” students who’d rather stay at home to do home works and review her notes. Now that we have a daughter, we would like to instill the same “passion” and enjoyment with studying.

We’re going to take a big leap to go against the social’s norm. We want to take charge of our daughter’s education and make sure that she learns things the best way possible. Few months ago, before our daughter turned 8 months, my husband and I discussed into home schooling her. I know a lot of parents are still curious about the pros and cons of homeschooling, but based on the articles I’ve read and moms I’ve talked to, I know deep in my heart that homeschooling is just for us. This is my calling, our calling and I’m looking forward to take that challenge. 

So what really compelled us to homeschool our daughter in the next few months?

·         Own curriculum - there are a lot of available curriculum available and you can choose your own schedule that works best for you and your child
·         Bonding - being our child’s teacher is a great bonding. #attachmentparenting at its finest! J
·         Teaching method - we can adapt the teaching method that suits best to our daughter
·         Shelter our daughter from violence and bullies in school
·         Flexible study hours
·         We’d be able to monitor her studies
·         To be closer to God

Right now, there are homeschool providers that are accredited by DepEd. You may check the list for accredited providers 

 My husband and I are eyeing for these providers: CFA (Catholic Filipino Academy) founded by Bo Sanchez; International British Academy , Kids World Integrated in Greenhills and Homeschool of Asia and Pacific in Madrigal Alabang.  We might enroll her as soon as she turns 3 years and we’d home school her spontaneously as soon as she turns 1 year old. Call me OC, but I’ve saved tons of references online and activities to prepare for my daughter.

If you’re curious about homeschooling, these links may be helpful for you.

We’re already eyeing for CFA and their program is really interesting.  Once you enroll your child to their homeschool program, you can have access to curriculum and materials. You can even let your kid join a full blown orchestra and there will be weekly activities so you don’t have to worry about their social skills. Just like any other schools, field trips and moving up day is also available. More details here:

If you want to teach your child, there is no such thing as “Too Early”. That’s why as early as now, I always allot time for our tiny tot study time. Every day, just before her morning siesta, I make sure to let her read some books, and at the same time teach her the “basics”. Take a look at the video below, this is my daughter during her study time. (best when played with sound) ♥ 
A video posted by @kc_alcantara on

A video posted by @kc_alcantara on

Homeschooling isn’t easy and MAY not work for every one. A lot of patience is required, time management is important and there will be some things that you really need to give up. Of course, prayer is needed too. You need to ask for God's guidance to help you all throughout the process. Home schooling may mean, one income household, and since I want to focus on my child’s education, I am looking into leaving my job temporarily (which I’m still thinking over and over again).  For as long as I can manage my time, and can juggle working and teaching, I will do my best to be the best teacher to my daughter. 

PS: Let me know if you need the rates of the schools mentioned above. ☻ 


  1. Im also interested in homeschooling my daughter. Will check out the links you posted thank you for this information. Your daughter is adorable!

  2. Hi Mommy Katrina. Homeschooling is one of my biggest aspiration for my children since my 2 boys have special needs. Truly I asked God's guidance and welcome God's message on my intents. Maybe in the future I'll be pursuing this. And bookmarked your post about this so I can check on schools that we can check upon as well. God bless ;-)

  3. Home schooling takes a lot of hardwork and dedication. Goodluck mommy and I hope you well.

  4. My friend's son is into homeschooling too I find it a lot of work especially if both parents are working. But they actually did it and really doing a great job. I think this is the best one if you really want to develop your child's personality. I hope I will have the courage and the financial to home school my twins


  5. Good luck mommy!(: I was also thinking about homeschooling my son, but I know it was not for me. :( It takes a lot of effort and patience to do that! God bless!

  6. You can do it! I plan to enroll my toddler next year in a Traditional school. I will look into the link you provided so I can have other options.



  7. As much as I wanted to homeschool my son I don't have time since I am a working mom. What I can do is every night we had a study time to guide him in his school and studies. Good luck Mommy in your home school

  8. I've been reading on homeschooling blogs na din because I wanna try it. Kaso...I don't know how to make it work for me coz I'm a working mum. Hmmm.. Let's se..

  9. I've heard so many good things about homeschooling. Good luck and hope it works out for you. :)

  10. Hello, looking for some responds, what do you think about Should I commit to this kind of learning center?

  11. Homeschooling is one of the best alternative to teach your kid the best way as possible. Me, I'm planning to enroll my kid to MSA's homeschool tutorial.


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