Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Things I miss before I became a M-O-M

Time’s flying really fast and few weeks from now, my daughter will celebrate her 1st birthday. Sometimes, I feel like I am on reverie; I couldn’t believe that my husband and I already have our own bundle of joy. She was a dream came true, and God knows, even my closest friends, how much we both wanted to have our own child. Every time we look at her, we always praise God for giving us a healthy, makulit and beautiful little girl. We must have done something really good for giving her to us.

It seems like yesterday when I found out I was pregnant, and I must admit that I am missing a lot of things that I used to do before I became a mother. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love being a mother, but you know that feeling when you realize you have given so much time and effort for your family? That sometimes, you feel the need to take even just a little break from reality? Mother’s deserve a little break too, but we’re too selfless and we’d rather spend our days nurturing and spending time with our family. That’s why I admire some moms who get the leisure to spend quality / me time for themselves - I don’t know if it’s just me, but no matter how much I find time to pamper myself, I just can’t fit the “I-want- to-do-things” on my schedule. It’s as if one day isn’t enough to do all the things that I need to do for my family. I feel like I am always cramming to go home every after work just to spend time with them. But no matter how much I love and enjoy being a mom, sometimes I’d like to spool back my life even just for a day or two.

Here are my top 8 list that I miss doing before I became a busy-mom

    1.       Me time - before, I could spend one day on the salon having my hair permed while I have my nails manicured and pedicured. But right now? I couldn’t stand sitting on the salon chair for more than an hour. I’d settle myself for a simple haircut.  I couldn’t even believe that I used to spend so much money with my hair. (Pero ngayon, I’m fine with a 49.99 haircut. Hehehe!)

    2.       Rest / Sleeping - this is what I call luxury right now. I’m always sleep deprived. Before, I could spend my rest days lying on my bed sleeping all day but right now? 3-4 hours of sleep is my daily routine. I also missed waking up whenever I want to. Before I became a mom, I could wake up whenever I want to, but now that I have a daughter, I wake up between 4 to 5am during RESTDAYS.

    3.       Shopping - yep, I missed shopping for myself. I could spend half of my salary shopping for myself but right now, every money I spend is all for my family. I always think that the money I could be spending from shopping alone can save up for Milly’s future.

    4.       Reading - I used to read all sorts of novels before a became a mom, but I don’t know if it’s just me or my time management, but I couldn’t even get hold of my e-book  these days. From novels, I am now down to reading story books and all sorts of baby books. :D

    5.       My old figure - I really don’t mind wearing size 40 and XL tops at all, but every time I look at my old pictures, I feel bad for gaining so much weight after I gave birth. No matter how much I try to lessen my food intake, my bulging tummy just won’t return to its old state. It will never be the same again.

    6.       Watching movies/series/television- call me OA, but I am no longer updated with current events! My daughter hates noise and she easily wakes up every time the TV is turned on. So ending, whenever our TV is turned on, expect that the volume is too low or no audio at all.

    7.       Clean room - Our room is always messy. Start with the dresser down to the cabinet. Toys and books are always on the floor and I’ve realized that having a clean room is close to impossible. :D I spend time picking up things when she’s asleepm waiting for the same thing to happen again once she wakes up.

    8.       Quality time with my husband - I am a wife before I became a mother and it’s a must that I spend quality time with my husband. But there are times that we can’t even do the things we used to do before. :D Oh, how I missed going out on a date with him. (We better work on this) Good thing, we enjoy spending time with our daughter by playing and cuddling with her. Now, that’s a great bonding time.    

These are just some of the things that I missed the most before I became a mom, but I do not feel any pinch of regret having my family even for one second. I may have sacrificed a lot of things for them and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Everything I do for them is all worth it. 


  1. It's like you read my mind momma :) I feel the same! Yes, I love being a mom and a wife but there are those "selfish" moments from time to time, lalo na when everything else is so exhausting.

  2. Lucky me I have parents who live 10 minutes away from us. I usually leave my toddler in their care whenever my hubby and I wanted to enjoy quality time together.


  3. I've accepted that I'll never go back to my old size and weight no matter what I do because I was super skinny on my wedding day. XD

  4. What I miss is being able to finish errands lightning fast! We don't have a yaya so I take care of my baby by myself and when we go out, ang bagal lang namin... And that's because I choose to bring him with me all the time din naman instead of leaving him with my parents. Silly me.

  5. I can relate! Hayy.. Time flies fast! I miss a lot of things too lalo na yang me time na yan and time with hubby! Gossshh.. Pano ba naman hindi ka man lang mapakali when your baby is away lagi mong naiisip if they're fine ba?! Hayy.. Buhay nanay.

  6. Attening blog events once a week is already my me time. Don't worry to much mommy, I hope you can get someone to help you soon.

  7. Super relate. Especially the sleep part! I miss sleeping off my weekends. As in literal na tulog from Saturday-Monday morning. Hahaha! But now, maswerte na ang 4 straight hours.

  8. I feel you mommy! Especially now na wala naming yaya, I take care of my kids 24/7 .. Tiresome but super rewarding :)

  9. Give it a year or two and you'll be back to your almost normal sleeping pattern.. Hmm, the thing I miss the most is getting to eat whatever I want whenever I want cause I have the resources. Unlike now where instead of "for me" I always seem to think about "for my kids" even if I'll be the one to actually eat the food.. :3

  10. Same here. I miss having my husband all for myself. Haha. And of course, shopping and my old figure (T_T)

  11. Nakakarelate din ako sa sleep/rest. Wala na yata akong tulog na kumpleto simula naging nanay ako. :((

  12. I totally understand! Btw I have a suggestion for #7--I recommend teaching your daughter how to fix her toys din kahit pakonti-konti lang. It will make your life so much easier in the future! What I used to do was bring out one toy and we "fix" and put it back in the closet together. Now my daughter knows how to do it na (she's 22 months old) which is really helpful kasi i have neither yaya nor katulong. Also whenever my daughter woke up too early I would tell her to go back to sleep. Otherwise you'll be too tired :(


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