Friday, June 12, 2015

Tot time with my daughter

My Milly is turning 1 year old in few weeks’ time which means we’re close to starting our informal home schooling! (yay for me) I refer informal homeschooling as Tot School Time. According to 1plus1plus1equals1 website, Tot school is the idea of learning through play at home during younger years. This is where we provide materials and prepare age appropriate activities that are exciting and appealing to them. You can choose makeshift toys, materials you already have in your home and any activities that you think that your children would love. With that, we can expose them to learning a lot of things even at an early age.

As early as 6 months, I started exposing different types of age appropriate activities to my daughter. After my work, I always make sure to play and read some of her books as she sits on my lap. While some parents are against letting their kids watch iPad, I allow Milly to have her own screen time for about 15 minutes per day. (no to fast paced cartoons; I just let her watch Baby Einstein and some educational videos). 

That’s actually the reason why I think homeschooling works with my schedule. I firmly believe that as long as you manage your time properly and have a schedule; homeschooling is possible even if you’re working full time.  The maximum number of hours per day you need to allot to toddlers & preschoolers is 2 hours so that wouldn't be a problem for me. It's actually an advantage for me that I work at night, because I get to play with her, feed and bathe her, sing nursery rhymes, cuddle and do our tot time together. This is now a part of our daily routine and we usually start our play/learn time before she takes her morning nap. One hour before her nap and one hour after she takes her lunch. I actually do not mind how many hours of sleep I get each day, but to give you an idea of my day to day time allotment for my daughter, I only sleep 2-3 hours per day. :) It may sound tiring for a full time working mom, but I'm telling you, it is really fulfilling to see how my daughter learns and appreciates the time I always give her.

Here are our typical daytime activities: 

Sing ABC's and some nursery rhymes. Read aloud books. 
Play time with wooden Numbers.

Letting her roam around the room

A video posted by @kc_alcantara on
Story telling as she starts to fall asleep :)
I remember when I was a kid, I've always loved playing teacher-teacheran. Actually, I wanted to be a teacher; it was my dream job. Due to some circumstances, I was left with no choice but to follow someone elses dream for me. Maybe that's the reason why I've always enjoyed teaching Milly. Now I know I can fulfill my greatest dream and that is to be the best teacher to my daughter. ❤️ Thanks Milly for reliving my dream and turning it in to reality. You really are my dream come true. 


  1. your baby is a busy bee! lol :) moms are always the first teachers in and out of the school :)

  2. Your baby's so cute. =)

    With my now 4 year old son, I also started "teaching" him as early as 9 months I think and it all paid off! We only have to be uber patient with them especially at that young age.

  3. Your baby is so adorable. Ang cutedin ng mga stickers on your wall.


  4. Just a friendly reminder, mommy, physicians have recommended no devices to kids 4 years old below as it may interfere with their motor skills development. I myself let my kids have screen time, but we've started to limit them to two hours because of the effects it had on them.

    But YAY! to home schooling, we're a home schooling family, as well. :)

  5. She's one blessed little lady! Too often we leave it when they can talk or converse to teach them but they can only be easily moulded if you have done your homework of sitting with them since day one.

    Good luck, Momi! and Cheers to your dedication!

  6. happy birthday to Milly! hoping to homeschool too, one of these days, as soon as my time would permit.

  7. I remember being excited to introduce my son to new activities when he turned one, most of them.. dedma. Haha! I tried makeshift toys but he was obsessed with his cars at first. He still is, but I kept at it and I'm glad he also enjoys other activities now, especially reading books.

  8. Iam a full time employee, so I am sometimes guilty of not being there enough to discipline my boys and form good study habits. But whenever me and hubby are at home, we encourage love and passion for learning and education. My oldest for instance watches CNN, History Channel, etc on his own, he sees us watch news and educational stuffs and both my boys tend to follow suit.

  9. Your baby is so cute! But wait, 2-3 hours a day is too konti I think. Buti kaya mo! I now have a newborn and a 22 month old and I sleep more than you do, I think! Kudos to you super momma! :)

  10. Cute baby. Halos same activities nila ng baby ko pero sobrang bilis magsawa, takbo ng takbo at akyat ng akyat kung saan saan ang mas gusto gawin, haha. I'm a stay-at-home mom so natyatyaga ko talaga.

  11. your baby is adorable.. and she seems to be very interested with her toys. good sign. looks like you wouldn't have a hard time teaching her naman. my baby is turning 2

  12. Ang daming books ni baby! Job well done mommy! Babies need quality time with parents talaga. :)

  13. Cute ni Baby!! My toddler is 19mos. I started reading aloud when he was a year and 4 or 6 mos only. That paid off naman kasi he appreciates books so much and would even say "buts.. buts.. referring to his books. =)

  14. Nakakatuwa naman to see how you spend quality time with your baby :) Please sleep some more mommy, medyo nag worry ako sa 2-3 hours of sleeping time mo :)

  15. awwww! huhuhuhu this is so good. I love seeing moms having a grand time with their kids considering the demands of their lives outside being mommy. God bless!

    Leah @ CuriousWeekends


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