Thursday, May 28, 2015

Visit at Manila Zoo

Happy almost end-of-month of May! You see I’ve been on pause mode lately. I’ve been very busy juggling my schedule to-and-fro and most of my work got piled up. Mommy chores got piled up too. I must say that this month has been a challenge for me and my husband but thankfully, everything’s doing well already and we’re one way or another back on track.

I celebrated my 29th birthday this month, my first ever Mother’s Day with our daughter Milly and our 3rd wedding anniversary. To cap off the busy past few weeks we had, my husband and I decided to bring our daughter to Manila Zoo! We noticed that she loves animals and we thought of showing her “real” animals. My small family is a family-homebody, meaning we’d rather spend time in the house cuddling and playing. So going out during rest days and strolling outdoors aside from the mall was a big thing for us.

Last time I went to Manila Zoo was during my pre-school days (yep!) and to tell you honestly, I do not remember any single detail about it. That’s why when we entered the zoo; I was really quite surprised how it looks like. While I enjoyed watching the animals, I really didn’t find it appealing at all - I think the animals in the zoo are not well taken care of. (Well, I hope I am wrong).  I actually feel sad for the animals that have to experience scourging heat, not-really-clean and rustic cages, swamp water and the environment, far from where they should really be. This may sound old to other people, but for someone who rarely goes out and would like to introduce this kind of leisure and educational parks to kids, this is really quite shocking.  I just hope the government/management can do more regarding its cleanliness and maintenance. They need to spruce it up.

But other than that, we enjoyed our little travel and looking forward to visit more zoos like: Ark Avilon & Malabon Zoo. For sure my daughter would love to see more animals. ♥ 

To end this blog post, let me share the pictures we took during our visit there last week. 


  1. Awww that is sad to know. i actually thought manila zoo might have impoved through the years. Hindi pa pala. Anyways, ive taken my daughter to Ark avilon Zoo because it is indoors. It was okay you can be interactive with some of the animals. Kaya lang don't expect so see an elephant or giraffe there ha medyo limited, but they have jaguars, lions orangutan etc..

  2. We're also the homebuddy kind of family. :) I also just recently visited Manila Zoo with my son after haven't been there for many many years. It's sad to see the animals if they're not given proper attention and care.

  3. Ganyan din yung sabi ng mga friends ko nung pumunta sila sa Manila Zoo Sana kung hindi nila kayang alagaan ibalik na lang sila sa forest oh kung san man sila galing kawawa naman eh.


  4. Nice! I used to go to Manila Zoo when i was younger and i'm planning to bring my boy there one of these days! :-)

  5. Belated happy birthday! I remember how my son enjoyed his first visit to Manila Zoo a few years ago. We even had a family picture taken with the large yellow python. That was scary, though.


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