Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Pureed Fruits and Veggies Combination

Homemade purees are filled with nutrients for your baby. The possibilities of food combination are endless and you can try experimenting different types of fruits and veggies to make it more flavorful. Here are some possible combinations you can try and feed your baby. These are tried and tested by ME, and my daughter Milly absolutely loves it. 

* Banana + Papaya + Apple
* Kalabasa + Banana (Kalabanana)
* Pears + Banana
* Banana + Apple (Banapple) 
* Sweet Potato + Apple 
* Banana + Mango 
* Banana + Rolled Oats 
* Banana + Apple + Rolled Oats 
* Mango + Papaya
* Sweet Potato + Malunggay
* Carrot + Papaya +Apple
* Carrot + Apple 
* Apple + Avocado
* Banana + Avocado 
* Sweet Potato + Banana + Malunggay
* Squash + Apple
* Potato + Banana
* Squash + Carrot + Greek Yogurt (Optional)
Sweet Potato + Apple + Mango + Greek Yogurt (Optional) 
Apple + Banana + Spinach + Greek Yogurt (Optional)

I actually do not measure the amount of fruits and water I put on the food processor - but I make sure to taste it so I would know if its already flavorful.

Note: For papaya, don't puree the entire fruit, half slice of papaya will do. I usually puree 1 piece of fruit every time I make Milly's food. 
Example: 1 piece of banana, 1 piece of apple , 1/2 cup of water.  You will be surprised that 1 piece of fruit can yield up to 6-8 oz of baby food. 

Do not forget to add water to make it easier for you to puree fruits. 

Gradually add some water to change its consistency. More water means softer texture. :) You can replace water with formula or breast milk. 


  1. I've no babies in the house anymore, but I'm looking at learning purees to add flavor and colors to the meals I'm preparing my family and house guests. Thanks for this, gives me great ideas!

  2. Wow! I like how you put effort and love into preparing your baby's food! Of course, for us mommies, they only deserve the best! :-)

  3. Nice.. Will definitely try this soon for my baby boy. Right now, he's into mashed vegetables as what his pedia instructed :)

  4. Great fruit combination! I admire moms who are truly hands-on in giving food to their kids. Now I am reminded to do a different combination :)

  5. Those puree combos are interesting and I'm sure healthy. Interesting is Sweet Potato + Banana + Malunggay.

  6. My daughter's all grown up now but she did love pureed squash and broccoli before :)


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