Friday, February 20, 2015

Things I didn't know I could do before I became a Mom

It’s been 7 months since I first laid my eyes on my daughter and I can say with conviction that being a mother is not an easy feat.  Before Milly, I thought being a mom was just easy-peasy. Change the diapers, feed them, take care of them and most especially love them with all your heart. Now that I am a mom, I have discovered so many things. Things I didn’t know I could do. Being a mom has transformed me to a new me; I am like a totally different person right now.  It’s so difficult to put into words but these are the things I didn’t know I could do before a became a mom.

   1.       I didn’t know how much I could tolerate myself watching the same cartoons over and over again. I even keep on humming their “theme songs”. Baby Einstein, Elmo, Furchester.

   2.      I didn’t know I could suck and hold a snot, smell diapers and poo poos. I even have the guts to hold every diaper just to check if it’s full or not. :D  

   3.      I didn’t know I could hold my pee for more than 6 hours just so I wouldn’t wake up Milly from sleeping.

   4.      I didn’t know that I could sing and compose songs out of any words that come out from my mouth.

   5.      I didn’t know that I could appreciate the smell of sour milk, smelly feet and armpits (of a baby of course J)

   6.      I didn’t know that I have so much energy stored in my body. Ever since I gave birth, I never had the chance to get a good sleep. I am already lucky if I get 3 hours of sleep every day. Despite the long travel hours from work, I still feel energize whenever I see Milly.

   7.      I didn’t know that I could deprive myself from buying something but I can splurge that much if it’s for Milly.

   8.     I didn’t know I could dance in public just to lull Milly to sleep.

   9.      I didn’t know I have a strong body. I’ve always complained carrying my work bag before, but now that I have Milly, I can carry so many things all at the same time. 2 big bags on my left and Milly on my right.

And here are my top 5 realizations

   1.       I didn’t know that I could be a better person. (I hope)

   2.      I didn’t know that I could appreciate the real value of time. Now that I have a daughter, I always wantto spend each moment with her. Time flies real fast so I need to make the most out of every minute I spend with her.  

   3.      I didn’t know that I could have another source of inspiration other than my husband: D

   4.      I didn’t know that I could be patient. I’ve always thought that I have a bad temper, but apparently it turned out that I am actually gentle in so many ways.

   5.      And last but not the least; I didn’t know that I could love in a very unconditional way.  

How about you? What are the things that you have learned and discovered when you became a mom? 


  1. I discovered that I can breastfeed two kids at a time :)


  2. true that, mommy! relate much ako lalo na sa pagtitipid sa sarili pero pag sa kids na deadma na sa price tags :P

  3. I learned to give up lots of things, one would be staying out late watching horror movies. Now, it's children related movies. Our television channel is always on Disney Channel lol.

  4. Lovely post! As a mom of two now, I didn't realize I could love both my kids as much, equally. I always had that kind of fear before that I might favor one of the other but no, nothing like that. It's amazing how our hearts just grow bigger and bigger for our kids! ♥ :)

  5. Salute to wonder moms.. And oh you forgot about the pain we tolerate when we are on labor.. :)

  6. I think a lot of moms can very much relate to this! :) So true on the holding of pee but I don't think I've gone as far as 6 hours!

  7. I didn't know I can watch Disney 24/7 and no more Walking Dead or Game of Thrones for me.

  8. I didn't know I could whistle! Haha. Seriously, when Yuri was newborn baby, I got tired singing and humming lullabies that I just started whistling.

  9. agree! i'm smiling all the way reading through your list!

  10. this list is so touching.... :) kudos to all mommies! i hope and pray i will experience this soon :)


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