Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Milly's skin secret

A lot of my mommy friends have been asking me what kind of baby soap I use for Milly’s skin. They’ve noticed how smooth her skin is. (I don’t think she got that from me. Hehe) Just like other babies, Milly also suffered from newborn outbreaks but the moment we changed her baby soap, the rashes had disappeared after 3 days. It was actually her pedia who recommended the soap.

Oilatum Bar Soap and Human Nature baby wash works well with Milly’s skin. The baby wash keeps her skin moisturized all day and even if I don’t apply lotion on her skin, it still feels smooth. Aside from using oilatum and HN baby wash, I make sure to apply physiogel on her face every after bath to keep it moisturized. Based on reviews, Physiogel cream is also effective in treating skin rashes.

I feel so thankful because I do not have to spend hundreds and thousands just to buy the expensive creams. I know a mom of two who needs to buy hard to find creams just to treat her daughter’s skin eczema. Good thing I was able to discover what works well on my daughter’s skin. 

 This was the picture wherein lots of moms asked me what I use to bathe Milly ♥ 
How about you? What kind of creams do you use to treat your baby's skin rashes? ♥ 


  1. She's so adorbs!!! Naku, para tuloy I want to have a baby again. :)
    Oilatum din ang pinagamit nung derma-friend ko on my li'l girl when she was still a baby.

  2. Replies
    1. Hi! :) I bought Oilatum at Watsons, 170 per bar soap


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