Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Lactation cookies from Mom's Basket

Last week, I was one of the lucky few participants who won a 1-week supply of lactation cookies from Mom's Basket. I've been dying to taste her red velvet cookies and was supposed to try her goodies a couple of weeks ago. But since she had a contest posted on facebook, I decided my luck to join her giveaway raffle before buying :D. All you need to do is to describe your mom or share a lil bit of story about her. Luckily, mommy Dea (owner of Mom's basket) was kind enough and decided to give all the participants lactation goodies. I feel so blessed because just when my milk had started to dwindle, mommy Dea came to my rescue! ♥ 

This isn't actually the first time I tried some lactation goodies. Few weeks after I gave birth, I've also tried other galactagogues from Mommy Bakes Ph. Her revel bars and banana muffin bites are to die for. I had overflowing milk supply that time because I'd munch 2-3 lactation bars in one seating. :) 

Here's the entry that I shared on Mom's Basket raffle: 

My mom, my one only mom. She's supposed to turn 62 this year but God sent her angels so He can finally take care of her. 

My mom died 4 months before I gave birth to a healthy beautiful baby girl. My mom was very excited to see her precious apo and I can still remember that she would always rub my tummy and talk to her apo before I went to work.

A part of me almost died when God took her away from me; but since I know from the start that she wants what is best for my baby, I learned to keep still and stay strong during her wake so my pregnancy wouldn't be affected. 

Everytime I look at my daughter, I would always say "what if naabutan ka ng lola mo? Siguro mas hahaba pa ang buhay nya, for sure proud na proud sya" She should have been a great grandma. I know God has his own reasons why she took her away from us. 

My mother may have left us already but I know deep in my heart that she's always guiding us. She's my baby's angel. She will always be the best mother and the best lola of my daughter. Without her teachings & advices, I wouldn't be able to apply it to motherhood. I wouldn't be a great mom if not for her. She taught me the best life hacks. She is beyond perfection (its because she's a perfectionist 😅 and the best mom for me) 

You are all blessed because your moms are still alive. You can see her happy face every time she sees her apos. So be thankful and cherish every moment. 
Life is too short. Mind you, I never understood the depth of her love for me until I had my daughter. 

(i opted not to post her picture); but here is her beautiful apo.  (Miilly's picture) 

She was supposed to send me my lactation cookies yesterday but since the other winner haven't sent her address, Dea decided to ship my cookies first. Again, thank you mommy Dea for being a blessing to breastfeeding moms and to an exclusively pumping mommy like me! ♥ 

Interested with Mom's basket lactation goodies? You can get them at: https://www.facebook.com/momsbasket

I think she has the most affordable lactation cookies, and if you're wondering if its effective - it's 100% effective for me. ♥ My supply went down from 10oz to 4oz *(both breasts) when Milly turned 6 months but after eating her cookies for 3 days, my supply went back to 10-12oz per session. 


  1. Sayang hindi ako nakasali He He He. Tapos na ba? How was the cookies sis? I always wanted to try lactation cookies pero hindi ko pa nasusubukan.



  2. yup sis, natapos na yung promo nya. sayang di ka na ka join :P super sulit and buti nalang nag try ako ng luck ko. hehe!


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