Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Pump with your shirt on

Pump  with your shirt on. Yes, you read that right and that is  the tag line of Freemie. Freemie is a collection cup that you can put inside your bra and attach it directly to your electric breast pump. With freemie, moms do not have to hold the flange & bottle for milk collection. That is just so convenient! Imagine, you’d be able to multitask and even pump on the go if you have a portable breast pump. This may sound weird to moms who do not breast feed or pump milk, but believe me, this is one of the best innovations of breast milk pumping!

I’ve been dying to have my own freemie few months back when I started to exclusively pump milk for my daughter. Now that these cups are already available from (this is where I purchased my breastpumps), I  am so tempted to buy it. I am a working mom and I pump milk at my station, so I know for sure that this would really benefit me. Imagine me, multitasking - blogging, working , holding the bottle and trying to cover my b@@bies from my officemates. (fret not, I cover myself with a big shawl).

Photo napped from Freemie website

So how does a freemie work? Just place the cups inside your bra, slip the tubing in each cups, then connect the other end of the tubing to your pump - and you’re good to go! Amazing! (yay for breastpumping mommies!)

Is it compatible to all breast pumps? - Freemie is compatible to most breastpumps. You can use this with Spectra, Ameda, Unimom, Medela Pump in Style and Avent. Each cup can hold up to 8 oz of breast milk.

How much will it cost me to get a freemie cup? Freemie cups are now available at and you can get these at 3,980 plus shipping. You can check their website for more information.

Once I get an extra budget, I’d definitely buy this.


  1. Cool! This is very useful and convenient for breastfeeding mamas! :-)

  2. This is very convenient for busy pumping mommas. I never got used to using a breast pump though, I just nurse directly.

  3. Wow! That's so interesting! I am currently on the lookout for products like these because I intend to breastfeed my baby when he's born na this June! :) Thanks for posting this! Also, do you suggest would be a great breast pump? I have my eye on Medela but maybe there are alternatives you could suggest. Please let me know. :) God bless Katrina! :)

    1. Good luck on your pregnancy, dear! :) I have reviewed my breast pumps, you might check this

      Spectra is a good choice too.

  4. Hi Mrs. A., I wish I knew this before ;)

  5. This is Great for multitasking moms! mukhang di sya manual pumping right? bongga!

  6. Talk about multi-tasking! I always prefer though to pump alone, without the distractions so I can rest and recharge :D

  7. There are so many things I would do differently if I have another baby. Breastfeeding is definitely one of those things - I was really lazy pumping at the office then that my supply was eventually gone. This is definitely a must-have for lazy, er, busy moms like me.

  8. wow, you guys are so lucky with all these new innovations! hassle before wala pa masyado stuff like this. hahaha

  9. Super convenient na talaga these days for moms out there!



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