Friday, February 13, 2015

Review: Cudsly baby online shop

I consider Cudsly as one of the most reliable baby online shop right now. It was only last Monday that I had a chance to check their items ONE-BY-ONE to see what useful items I can buy for Milly. I am quite surprised that their website sells almost everything that a mom needs for her baby. 

They have an ongoing promo and you can get a 20% off upon your next purchase. Just sign up for their newsletter and they are going to e-mail you the voucher code you need to use upon check out. Cash on Delivery and free shipping (minimum purchase required) is also available

Here are the items that I purchased for Milly, girl. 
Suppori baby Sling, Gerber graduates, mosquito patches & kids hand sanitizer

 Because of the 20% off, I was able to get 800 pesos off and paid only 2,640 pesos. It's like I’ve only paid the Suppori Sling and the rest of the items were free. I also liked their idea of having Pedal Express as their tie up courier for some locations. 

* Offers Cash-On-Delivery and free shipping
* Sells a lot of baby items and their website is almost complete 
* Customer service is easy to reach out. Even if they have lots of followers and likers, they still manage to reply to their customers one-by-one. 
* Customer friendly website 
* Continuous sale and promotion

* Customer service is only available from Mondays-Fridays. I just hope they also extend their services and delivery even if its Saturday (halfday) 
* Their 20% off is really enticing, but I hope they would offer this upon your first purchase/transaction ☻ 

Here's their website if you'd like to purchase from them:
Like their facebook page too:


  1. Replies
    1. yes mommy! super convenient and nakakaktuwa yung website nila. yun nga lang sana mas madami pati options nila sa mga di ganun ka high end na suppliers :) other than that, super okay talaga yung baby website nila.


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