Saturday, February 21, 2015

Beautiful Mess

This is our everyday scenario during feeding time:

My daughter would lick her plate, try to touch her food, drink water from my glass like a dog (haha! Too bad I didn’t get a chance to teach her how to cup feed) and throw her milk bottle and nanny bowl on the floor. The moment she’s done eating, her puree is all over my shoulder and hair, and almost half of her face is covered with fruits. But I like it that way.  Actually I LOVE and PREFER it that way. Whenever my husband asks me to wipe the food off her face, I tell him “Hayaan mo lang” Let her be messy, a healthy messy way. She looks good that way. Let her experiment on her own”

I even let Milly mess up with most of her cute onesies. Most of them have these stains which is actually pretty hard to clean. Messy can be healthy, and as a mom, you’d know if it’s no longer healthy for your child. There are times that I do not let her use a bib because most of the time she just tries to pull off her bib and put it in her mouth. This may be difficult for neat freak mommies and daddies, but believe me, allowing them to be messy can be the window to new experiences. Letting them eat and play on their own can help improve motor and sensory skills. They would be able to explore and learn the dos and don’ts out of their curiosity. Just like messy playing, messy eating helps sensory development. If you’re a neat freak kind of mom or dad, you can get your own splat mat and silicon bib so it will be easier to clean after eating.

Just let it go, and deal with the mess, besides that’s what being a baby is all about.


  1. Hahaha I've been through that mommy stage too. Good thing from this experience is those little angel of ours will learn from it.

  2. missed having babies after reading this. my youngest is now 4 years old and with 3 boys in the house, i still find myself sometimes with food on my hair at mealtimes. nice read! thanks for reminding me about the joy of motherhood.

  3. Adorable! How many months old is she na? We're turning 6 months tomorrow but we aren't given the go signal to introduce solids yet because of my son's allergies. I'm looking forward to this kind of mess!

    1. Hello Mommy Roxi, Mill'y sturning 8 months na this coming March 6.

  4. Your baby is sooo cute! You're about letting tots get away with messy eating. It's their way of exploring new things. I do that with my own son, too.

  5. Your baby is so cute. I love her headbands too :) Nako, I know the feeling. My kids mess up a lot too because that's their way of experimenting too. Hehehe

  6. I'm all for making a mess especially if it will allow the baby to learn. :)

  7. she is so adorable! :) and every single word you said is true, great job!

  8. I'm excited for my 4 month old baby girl to start solids. I think it's ok to let them get messy sometimes. They also learn from exploring what they eat :)

  9. Your daughter is so cute... kakagigil!



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