Friday, February 27, 2015

What's inside my baggage?

Yesterday before I went home, I decided to drop by at this local grocery store to buy nappies for my daughter. As I stepped inside, the guard told me to put my baggage in the counter. I smiled at him and politely said “Kuya, hindi po to baggage, bag kopo ito at di ko pwede iwan dyan sa baggage counter dahil andyan ang buhay ko”.  Okay fine, I really didn't say "andyan ang buhay ko." (This may sound familiar if you have seen the movie That Thing called Tadhana) 

I looked at my bag and realized that my bag indeed looks like a baggage. It’s even bigger than the backpack that I lent my officemate for their out-of-town trip. The bag that I carry ever since I returned to work from maternity leave is so heavy and bulky that’s why it looks like a luggage full of clothes and other items. I think my daughter can even fit inside haha! I didn’t realize that I’ve been carrying this for almost 7 months every time I go to work and didn’t bother to complain even if it’s so heavy.
So I peeked inside to check what makes it so bulky. :D The items in my “baggage” are no longer the items that I usually put inside when I was still single and do not have a daughter yet. Before, there were kikay kits, make ups on the side pockets, mirror and other vanity items. Now, everything had changed - I realized that I do not even have a press powder. :D errrp! So here are the things inside my bag. Don’t laugh at me J

·         1 insulated bag filled with 4 freshly pumped milk with 2 blue and silver ice packs
·         4 orders of chicken sisig placed on a separate plastic bag - bought this from the pantry so I don’t have to cook lunch :D
·         1 extra bottle for my electric breast pump
·         1 google nexus tablet - i brought this so I could charge it in the office but totally forgot about it
·         1 set of clothes for my daughter - bought this from an online shop in Instagram and I have it delivered in the office 
·         1 sandwich from Subway - this one I bought for my husband
·         My ever reliable coin purse
·         Pair of shoes and slippers
·         Another big coin purse
·         Nivea Lip Gloss
·         Lip and cheek tint
·         ID
·         Mist Spray
·         Phone with charger and earpods
·         Umbrella

Not the typical items you’d see inside a woman’s bag - this is why I love the bag that I am using right now because aside from its gigantic size (haha)  and number of pockets it looks ready durable. You don’t have to worry if the handles and threads would fall apart even if you put a lot of things inside it.
Also, before I forget, I am using a baby Couture diaper bag. I decided to use it and bought a smaller version for my daughter so I could use this. ;)

Here's a pic of the diaper bag that I am using. Photo napped from the online store where I bought it. It is bigger than you think 

How about you? What’s inside your bag? 


  1. lol at the sisig!!! at least you still carry gloss and tint! :P

  2. Adyan po ang buhay ko. Hehehe..

  3. I wrote a post about what's in our bag, but it's still in my drafts lol. We also use a Baby Couture bag, the blue and brown one in stripes. Since my son's now a toddler we pack much less than we used to - bottles, extra pair of clothes, diapers, wiping cloths, towels and small toys. Oh, and his milk!

  4. Mommy, carrying too heavy is bad for your bones and could give you backaches. I used to carry my life in my bag too (house keys, office keys, keys to my hubby's car, keys to my own car, coins, huge make up kit with 2-3 lipstick colors, full size wipes, etc.), had back pains that worsen overtime. I now do weekly bag contents purging (graduated to traveller size make up, transfer loose change to a coin bank, bring only the keys I need.. )

  5. I have two types of bags: the with baby bag and without baby bag. hahaha! The with baby bag includes the essentials - milk, diaper, wipes and extra clothes in case of boo boos. I don't pack that much anymore since my kids are toddlers na. For the without baby, just the usual too - wallet, red lipstick, tissue, phones and my planner :)

  6. At nagkasya pa ang shoes and slippers mo mommy! lol
    Buti you still have lip gloss and tint and spray, I don't have these in my bag, I have a comb but I seldom use it.

  7. I love big bags too! And like you, ever since I became a mom, I never carry na my real bag or purse, haha! Nowadays, I'm carrying a pink Hello Kitty backpack that contains extra set of clothes, extra nappies and wipes all for my daughter. You'll also find a small bag of snacks, a bottle of water and a small thermo bottle (for my hot water. I don't drink cold water). There are some toys like Elsa, Anna and Rapunzel magic clip dress dolls. It has also my daughter's burp cloth because she's used to wiping her face or eyes or mouth with it. Sometimes, I put her iPad inside, most of the time we leave it home. So yes, that's "all", haha! Oh wait, I managed to put in the bag's pocket my lip balm, lipstick and eyebrow pencil and more tchotchkes of my toddler, heehee! :)

  8. 4 orders of Sisig! Ang sarap siguro ng sisig sa pantry ninyo. I also have a big heavy bag. I always bring my camera with me wherever I go.


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