Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Visit at Yexel's Toy Museum

Last weekend – we went to Yexel’s toy Museum to celebrate Enzo’s birthday celebration. Enzo is hubby’s ever cute and intelligent nephew. He never fails to amaze me with every words and sentences he says. He has a very good command of English (yes, he speaks English so fluent – but he sounds cuter whenever he speaks in Tagalog already. Hehe.

Yexel’s toy museum is located in Las Pinas City, at the back of SM South Mall. If you are from down south – then you must be familiar with Pilar Village. This is where the museum is located. The façade of the museum doesn’t really look like a museum after all. Its a 3 story-house with a super homey feeling - that is currently in renovation; and the only thing that made us think it was the museum is because of the guy standing outside wearing the Toy museum shirt.

The overall experience was really a blast and was really worth it minus the sweat (some parts of the museum doesn’t have an AC) . Entrance fee regardless of age is 300.00. To Yexel, Kudos to you for opening this to the public and for bringing back the child in us. Kudos to the peeps who assisted us and took much effort to take lots of pictures of my family. 

If you're a toy lover or simply young at heart, then this place is really for you. Overall rating experience: 5 stars! ;) 

Mr. and Mrs. A ♥

Strike a pose hubby! 

Look how cool my in-laws are! :) 

With my sister in laws

Enzo -  hubby's adorable nephew

Hi there woody! ;) 

The funniest family on EARTH, literally! 

Famous actors and actresses who already visited the toy museum

Me, as the Iron Lady :D

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