Tuesday, October 16, 2012

That stage of our married life

Yay! It has been 143 since the day hubby and I got married – and it still feels like the first time I have laid my eyes on him. Nothing has changed, except that our relationship’s getting even better more and more each day.

We are on the stage where we realized that we BOTH wanted to have kids already. We’ve been praying so hard so we will be blessed with our bundle of joy.  Yes – some might say that we should enjoy our lives being newlyweds; but we are firm with our decision and we know this is the right time and moment.

While it is hard not to expect every month – (thinking that Aunt Flo would disappear for completely 9 months), hubby and I have been diverting our attention to a couple of things that really helped us not to think too much about the baby making process ☻  

So here are the things we've been doing lately to ease the excitement each month: (You too, can try it - and it really helped us enjoy our married life while waiting for the perfect time to come. ♥ )

       ♥  Open up a small business - Others are afraid to open up their business because they are thinking that they need to shed thousands just to start their own business. Hubby and I both wanted to have our own business, but didn’t have enough “thousands” and courage to put up our own business. That’s where reselling stuff became a part of our idea. Reselling doesn’t involve a capital. You only pay the supplier if someone buys an item from you.

Fortunately, hubby and I were able to find good and reliable suppliers who never fail to deliver on time. 

Spend more time with families and in laws - This is where I am really thankful of; my family loves my husband and my in laws are really close to me. It is really hard to find in laws who appreciates their in-laws wholeheartedly. 

Spend more quality time with your husband - It’s quite hard to juggle time if you’re working. So in my case, who’s been working full time and has a significant role in the office; I always make sure to spare quality and enough time for my husband. Even if I am too sleepy, we still make sure to Cuddle, Kiss, Hug and to things we love the most, together ☻ 

Go out and have some fun - We are really not the outgoing type of couple who would visit other places often; but when we say go out - we mean it by strolling to the mall and pig out. 

Pray together - This is the best and most effective key that help make things easier for us. We never lose faith and because of praying together, the bond we have right now is much stronger. Because of praying, my husband and I never get tired of trying. ☻ 

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