Thursday, October 18, 2012

Experience with the famous tablet

Few years ago when the 1st generation famous tablet was released, I wasn’t really impressed with it. I find it impractical and overly rated by the Apple fans. I didn’t appreciate how it looked, it’s bulkiness plus the functions are really limited. It doesn't have a camera plus the platform is complicated. I even told myself that I won’t buy any Apple gadgets – not because I am not a fan of it, but I find it really expensive and it didn't suit our budget at all.

Then Apple released an improved famous tablet – thinner and of course better version, and faster. It has a camera, and greater display. I wasn’t startled too by its design. Though I wanted to have one, but I know deep inside that it’s too impractical to get one.

Not until I have laid my eyes and touched the latest version of the famous tablet. The moment I’ve touched it and tried it for a couple of minutes at this appliance center, I have always told my good o hubby that I want it. I’ve always wanted a tablet but I never thought of getting an Apple tablet. It’s way beyond our budget.

 I can still remember, my hubby bought me a KingCom tablet that only lasted for a couple of months. I’ve always wanted a Samsung tablet – but since we were still saving for our wedding that time, we bought the Kingcom tablet instead which I thought has the same functions and speed like the other tablets. Hehe! Yes I was able to install games on it, but I had a hard time connecting to the Internet using the said tablet. So ending, I had to give it to my little sister, and after she used it for a couple of days, it eventually got busted.

And so Mark gave in and finally bought me the new iPad. *evil grin*

If we are going to compare the iPad 2 and iPad 3 – i can say that there’s no big difference at all. Only that the newer iPad has better graphics since it has retina display. You get to play HD games and view HD movies with the iPad. Too bad because Apple’s too greedy with their apps so you can’t install as much games as you want, because most of the great apps on the App Store has a fee. No wonder users would prefer to have it jailbroken so they can install the great Apps of Apple. So far I haven’t tried jailbreaking our Apple gadgets. I’m very much happy with their performance. Now I know why people go crazy about Apple products.

If you’re planning to get one – make sure to buy a case and screen protector too. With its price, its design is really prone to scratches. Invest for a protector – ( a screen guard and a good case)  I bet you don’t want to see tiny marks and scratches on your iPad. It’s painful to see one. Hehe. We both our screen protector at Games and Gadgets at Php 999 and it’s really worth every penny. There are cheaper versions, but once you stick ‘em , you can see the bubbles. Ours is 100% proven scratch proof and it’s as if it doesn’t have a screen protector at all. ;) 

Overall rating with the new iPad - 5 glistening stars! ♥ - minus the hassle that iOs6 gave me. LOL!


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