Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sweet simple surprises

I love cooking for my husband whether it is simple or complicated dishes. But what I love the most is to see him enjoying the dish I have prepared for him and seeing him smiling with my sweet simple surprises.

Here’s my latest sweet simple surprise note I wrote for him when I prepared our breakfast while he was washing the clothes.  

This is how my husband wants his sunny side up cooked. He want's it gooey. :D The chocolate drink in the hello kitty glass is his favorite drink. And yes, he doesn't mind if he uses my hello kitty glass ♥
My husband is not the typical person who would surprise me with chocolates and flowers with matching violin and candle light dinner. He would rather tell me what gift he’s planning to give me to be sure that I would really love it.

If my husband is not the typical guy who enjoys surprising me– I am completely the other way around. I love surprising my husband with sweet simple gestures. By leaving him a note, giving him candies (yes!) , buying his favorite chocolate drink but before he sees it I let him close his eyes first and so much more.

Surprises make him feel more loved and I love it whenever I see him smiling. I love it how he hugs and kiss me after surprising him with my sweet simple gestures.

So if you’re a wife or a girlfriend who has a husband or a boyfriend who is not fond of surprising you, don’t get upset. Instead, why don’t you do the things that you want him to do to you? Who knows, he has bigger and better plans of surprising you. ;)   

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