Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My husband's latest Game

My husband’s a big fan of basketball – (well most guys do); he knows each team down to the retired players and he could name every basketball shoes of these players by just looking at it. Sounds crazy to me, but I think it’s pretty normal for a guy to familiarize himself with these things most especially that he’s into it.

He’s a great player too. He used to be a part of a basketball team during his younger years, but for some reasons he had stopped playing.

To carry on his passion for playing this sport, his first impulse after we got the XBOX is to buy the NBA2K12. I really don’t know what’s with this game. I have seen the previous version, but I don’t get it why guys go gaga over this game. The ball toss looks endless – and the stunts are just the same. Except that the transition and graphics are much better for the newer versions. (a girl’s point of view though).

Maybe it’s like how ladies go crazy with shoes and bags, I suppose. I just don’t get it how my husband could play this almost every day for long hours, plus he has a couple of basketball games too installed on our iPad and iTouch. Looks he’s really addicted with it.

And to surprise him – I brought him to Toy Kingdom last October 5 (well, if you’re a gamer, then you would be familiar with this date) to get the newest and freshest version of NBA. Well, what more could I expect from a basketball lover like him, of course he was really happy it.  The smile on his face was priceless and he looked very excited to play with it.

As expected, he disregarded his previous version and is now focusing MORE to this newer version.

He was drafted! 
As an apprentice’s point of view of the latest version of NBA, here are the things I have noticed:


Has access to retired team players (Yay, my husband gets to use his favorite basketball player Penny Hardaway)

Has access to new players like Justin Bieber, and Mayweather. Ahaha. From singer and boxer to being a basketball player, how is that?

Has greater graphics – if you think that NBA2k12 has good graphics, then this one’s much better

Has faster transition

And since JayZ is the producer of this latest version, expect to hear a couple of songs from the DVD. Rhianna, Cold Play, and JayZ himself have tracks on the DVD too. Mind you, La Vida Loca which happened to be our grand entrance song is also included on the playlist


. Whenever my husband plays the “My Player Version”, there’s a part where it freezes and even if you restart the game, the issue would still occur. We did a research and found out it is a glitch for Xboxes with 4GB memory. Due to the size of the actual game, the hard drive’s having a difficult time reading the DVD and the only way to fix it is to upgrade the hard drive of the console.

Err, upgrading the console would mean shedding thousands again, and I am quite against it.

If you're interested to purchase this game - you can get it for P2,100 at any Toy Kingdom outlet. There are some stores that offer it at a much higher price. The price tag on our DVD is 2,400 - but we were able to get a discount when we bought it. 

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