Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Our weekend getaway at Tagaytay

Hubby and I didn’t have the chance to go into a real honeymoon like other couples. The day after the wedding, we immediately went home to fix our things and ornate our room. The honeymoon we have we have been planning for a couple of months already gets postponed from time to time, and up to this moment which is nearly 5 months after the wedding we still don’t have a firm location where to have it. Gee, I bet you can now imagine how home-buddy we could be. ;)

2 weeks ago, we had the chance to go out of town – (but with my mom) and visited our place in Tagaytay Greenville. It was such a fun experience and it brought back the memories, because this is where my husband courted me. This is where it all started, so our place in Tagaytay will always be memorable for the two of us. 

Enjoying the weather ♥
Did you know that we both love praying together. ☻ It makes our relationship stronger. We visited the Little Souls Sister and asked the sisters to pray for our petitions. 

My hubby opening the door ;) -- obviously 

We also went to Bag of Beans - which is our favorite restaurant in Tagaytay. 

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