Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pushing the boat out for the Christmas season

Halloween’s not yet over but we've already started decorating our home with Christmas adornments. This is our 4th Christmas together, but this Christmas is going to be more memorable since it’s the first time we are going to celebrate it as husband and wife.

We have no definite plans yet how to celebrate it but we know for sure it’s going to be a blast. And Since we are both working on a US firm, surely wouldn’t be a holiday for us; most especially that Christmas day’s going to fall on a weekday.

Yet, we are both planning to take an early leave on December for his birthday and to push the boat out for the holiday season.

Unboxing the o great Baul where we keep the Christmas decorations ♥ 

A glimpse of our Christmas tree. Hello there Mr. Santa ♥ Just enough for our simple abode.
If you're looking for a place where to buy unique and overly cheap Christmas decorations, you might want to try visiting  any Uniwide stores. Surely, you'll find a good buy that would suit your taste, motif and budget. Price range of decorations is 5php to 200php. Not really bad as compared to the actual mall prices. ♥

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