Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My new and longer last name :D

Updating documents is really one of the most challenging tasks after the wedding. The hassle of falling in line and dealing with some of the government peeps s is such a tough thing to accomplish. SOME of them are not accommodating and unfortunately, every time I have to go to a government office, the person in charge of assisting me is really not friendly at all. 

5 months have passed since the wedding and I still do not have a valid ID that indicates my new and longer last name. I haven’t updated my expired license yet because I still don’t feel going to NSO to get an authenticated copy of our marriage certificate. (LTO needs it as a proof that I am already married) ♥ I hope changing my last name and status is as easy as changing it on facebook. Tee hee.

Good thing, my employer was kind enough to change all my information at the office; at least I get to carry my new name on e-mails and on the database. They also changed my name tag on my desk which I barely noticed.  

My old name plate ;) 

Loving my new name plate! I have lots of letter A's and R sound on my name right now. Katreenuh Ulcantaruhh. ♥ Love it! 

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