Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mezzanorte in UP Technohub

If you’re looking for a place to pig out with your friends or simply a place where to have your snacks with your lovies, then this hub in UP technohub is a great place to visit. They sell almost the same types of foods you can find in Banchetto - from pastas, chicken, pica pica's down to ihaw ihaw's. 

But what really caught my attention was the way how they presented these tuknenengs. It’s not the usual color orange that you dip on vinegar but rather gourmet flavored tuknenengs that you dip on different sauces.  ;) At first, I was hesitant to taste it but thanks to my sister-in-law for buying enough food and I was able to relish how good it tastes. Well, on the other hand, I’d still prefer the usual way of eating the color orange flavorless tukneneng. :D 

Pesto and Marinara flavored Tukneneng
My favorite Takoyaki and Dynamite! ♥

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