Monday, March 3, 2014

Changes for the past 5 months

My baby and I are already 22 weeks, and just last week, I started to feel constant flutters and twitches on my baby bump. I suppose that’s my baby moving inside me, because those movements are really “not that familiar” to me and I am 100% sure that I didn’t experience these movements when I was not yet pregnant. 

A lot of things have changed already since I got pregnant. Most of my pre-pregnancy clothes wouldn’t fit me anymore, and a lot of my loose pullovers that I thought I could use all throughout my pregnancy journey are already body-hugging. I’m only relying to the number of dresses I bought a couple of weeks ago. I’ve managed to buy 8 dresses, and since last month, I’ve been wearing these dresses every time I go to work. I no longer care if some people would think I do not have enough clothes, but I just can’t buy too many dresses right now – most especially that I want to save my allowance for my baby. Besides, what’s important these days in my situation is comfort and my baby. Style/fashion is the last thing I’d want to think of right now:D (Though I can still manage to wear some nifty lipsticks and blushers and iron my hair, just so I wouldn’t look like a total mess)
5 months have passed since I got pregnant, and here are some of the major changes I’ve noticed in my body.

·         I’ve gained 10 kilos already; and I’ve faced the reality that I’m going to gain more. I still have 4 months to go, and my bump would be bigger.

·         My baby bump is already noticeable. You can never think of it as a part of love handles, because of its prominent round shape.

·         My bra size? Well it’s already size 43!!! I used to be 38. This is the only thing that I wished that would stay forever even after I give birth. Hehe!

·         My feet size, from size 7 to size 9. My feet got really fat.

·         I can’t even wear my wedding ring. It’s as if the veins would pop out every time I try to fit it in.

·         My waistline, which I’ve been maintaining for quite some time already, had bumped up to 38 inches. I used to be size 28.  

·         Those surreal light fluttery movements that I feel every now and then (BEST.FEELING!)

I still have four months to go – four months to cherish and enjoy the major changes that are happening to my body. Even if sometimes, I feel anxious about the way I look and the weight I’ve gained, I’m still thankful because I wouldn’t experience these changes if I were not pregnant. 

Errrp, just wanted to share this mapagpanggap pic. I'm really not sporty/athletic. I just wanted to try if I can play table tennis. hehe

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