Monday, March 31, 2014

Baby stuff are almost complete

Last Sunday, hubby and I bought some goodies for our baby bean. (oh, we just can’t wait to see you baby. Pero dapat full term ha). Shopping wasn’t actually part of the plan, I was only supposed to get a Mom Card at Baby company and meet up with 2 Instagram sellers. But since I got so giddy seeing all the baby stuff inside the store, we were left with no choice but to buy some baby essentials.  I couldn’t believe that I bought too many onesies for our lil girl! Now, that’s a wrong move, because I was advised not to buy that much because a baby grows so fast, and next thing you know, can no longer use clothes you bought for them.

So here are the snapshots of the items we already have for her. We’re almost complete, and getting there. 3 more months to go babyyyy! 

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