Monday, March 24, 2014

First ever purchase for our baby girl

Before I got pregnant, shopping online was a part of my routine every payday. I would buy items (clothes/shoes/accessories) from several sellers. I even tried selling online, but had to stop because our most awaited baby is already on its way.

Now that we’re having a baby, everything had changed.  My priority is already our little bean. Even if I haven’t seen her yet, I am already enjoying shopping for her. Buying items for her even if I’m not sure if the garments I’ve purchased just recently would fit her just fine gives me so much joy. The excitement is just inexplicable. I become very giddy whenever I see stuff like onesies, bottles, accessories, shoes, towels and so MUCH MORE.

Just like last weekend, I nearly spent 7k buying stuff for our baby girl. I couldn’t imagine spending that much buying stuff online. My husband was so surprised because spending that much buying clothes alone wasn’t part of our plan. 

I also tried purchasing from Lazada, and I can say they are really reliable and has a good customer service. They have lots of promos too! What I love about their service is that they offer Cash On Delivery as a payment method, and they offer free delivery if your order is about 1,000 pesos.  Here's what I purchased from them 3 weeks ago. I'd give them 5 stars as an overall rating. One of the best online merchants! ♥ 

Baby Couture Minnie Diaper Bag
Really worth the price ♥
Peso Power: 1,050

You can get it from here:

Avent Classig 9.oz
Peso Power: 1,300
You can get it from here:

Due to over excitement, I accidentally purchased 9 ounce bottles instead of 4ounce. ♥ So I need to buy another set for our lil bean. I also bought 1 set of pacifier, but wasn't able to take a picture of it. 

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