Monday, March 3, 2014

My DIY templates for baby shower

Reading forums regarding pregnancy has been my haven lately. It gives me the idea how to prepare for my delivery. But since reading articles and stories from other women’s pregnancy can be nerve-racking at times, I decided to shift my mood and plan for a simple yet intimate baby shower.

I’ve always dreamt of having a posh baby shower, but due to budget constraints, my husband and I decided to slash it off “my” plans and just save the money we would spend for food and some favors. 

Yes, friends are the ones who are supposed to plan for your baby shower, but planning for an event has been my passion (not expertise), that's why I opted to plan for my own baby shower instead. 

Planning for a baby shower doesn’t need to be that extravagant. I'm going to change my original plans, and stick with the budget I have in mind. (Would you believe that I only have a 2k plus budget for this?) I’m going to cancel the hotel reservation I made in Makati, and will just hold the simple get together at our house. As long as I get to spend it with my friends and close relatives, I think it will be more than enough and of course, more special (mas tipid narin)

Instead of ordering packed food, I'm planning to have a pizza and chips party instead. It’s even more affordable because there’s a pizza joint somewhere in Las Pinas that sells 36” pizza at a very affordable rate. 

I’m planning to D-I-Y some stuff too. I’m going to make my own invitations and water labels to make it even more personalized. And since we’re having a baby girl, pink and Hello kitty will be the theme. ♥

Here are the prototypes I made for the invites and labels. 

Sample invitation (Ooopss, there are two ON's) hehe!
Sample water labels

Here's how the Nutrition facts look like up close: 

and the circle label: 

I got the designs from the Internet and I edited the names and deleted some of the information. And since I've been giddy about the designs I saw earlier, I forgot to save the link. I promise to update this post to give credit to the original designs. 


  1. Sweet ideas! Good luck with you baby shower and congratulations in advance for that baby girl!
    The Mrs. Diaz Chronicle
    Maita Atienza Makeup

  2. hi sis! i miss you! :) sumilip ako sa GT and i saw one of your posts kaya i found this blog :) take care sis and will be praying for your smooth pregnancy and delivery


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