Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Halfway there

My baby and I just turned 20 weeks yesterday, and based on the app I have installed on my iPad, it says that we're already halfway there. Time flies so fast and I couldn't imagine that in a few months, I'd be able to see my precious little one.

Well hello there our lil one! 
Last Feb 14, -- yep Valentines day, I went back to my OB to have my monthly check up. I was scheduled to come back to her on the 15th, but since I've been suffering from backache and some slight cramps; which she suspected as UTI, she advised me to visit her clinic so she could check my urine and do a quick scan on my baby bump.

My urinalysis results came out perfectly okay, but I was advised to drink plenty of fluid. She also told me that I ought to get some good pillow to support my back most especially during work hours. She also did a quick scan on my baby, and she said that Mark and I are having a baby girl! But since ultrasounds are not always right, hubby and I will go back next month to have my gender scan again. ♥ Aside from the "emergency" ultrasound we had which turned out perfectly okay, she also vaccinated me with Tetanus Toxoid & Hepa B.

They say that as soon as the baby in our tummy turns 20 weeks, we'd be able to feel his/her kicks already. I don't know, but in my case, I haven't felt the intense kicks yet. Though once in a while, I've been having this fluttery feeling inside my stomach and slight twitches - and I'm pretty sure that's my baby moving inside me. I just couldn't wait to experience how exactly a kick and somersault feels like. ♥


  1. Hi Mrs A.! I followed your blog from the Baby Names thread in GT. Glad to read that you and your baby are okay... also, I love you maxi dresses! :)
    -->Maita @ Mrs. Diaz

    1. Thank you so much sis! :) God bless. ♥


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