Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Maxi dress for preggies

I’ve been a fan lately of maxi dresses, and I pretty much enjoy the comfort it gives me every time I wear it; most especially that my baby’s getting bigger each day. Actually, I’ve always wanted to wear dresses, it has been my frustration for quite some time already; but since I am not confident with my thunder thighs at all, I am left with no choice but to wear long tops and jeggings. That’s why I’m so thankful that maxi dresses are in nowadays, that’s why I can enjoy the ease of wearing dresses going to work every day.

So far, I have already collected 5 dresses, and I’m eyeing to buy 5 more. Most of them are imported from Bangkok (well that’s according from the sales lady hehe). Good thing I was able to find a nice store here in Crossing that gives me discount whenever I buy 2 pairs. I also braved the busy streets of Redemptorist road to check if I could find some affordable maxi dresses, but the price range is even higher than the one here in Crossing. 

The reason why I also enjoy wearing this is because my baby bump becomes more prominent. PS: People tend to be nicer to me whenever they see my baby bump. Hehe! 

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