Tuesday, January 28, 2014

4 months and counting

Well hello there! It’s been quite a while since the last time I’ve updated this blog, and a lot of things have changed pretty much lately. I’m now on my 17 weeks of pregnancy, and I’m so thankful that my baby and I were able to surpass first trimester with no hitches (that much). Morning sickness is finally over, and my APPETITE is now on its full blast. Let’s say, I eat much like of a “kargador” who couldn’t resist two to three cups of rice; and believe me or not, I wasn’t like this before. I could skip meals and can survive by eating bread alone. But this time? I’d go rage and my stomach would rumble if I can’t eat every 4 hours. LOL. Now, that explains the extra kilos I’ve gained for the past few months. Nevertheless, I am enjoying every step of my pregnancy journey, and I love everything that is happening to my body.

Well, according to my OB, my weight gain (to be exact is 5kilos) is pretty normal for my size, but according to my good-ol-friends, I still look kind of the same, except with the excess chin and more prominent chubby cheeks. Hehe!

Aside from my body changes; like my uterus has grown larger, a lot of things had happened while I entered this phase of my pregnancy. My beloved husband and I went into a firm discussion to change OB due to practical reasons. I had to go to 4 different OB’s, and checked if they would suit my preferences and budget, but in the end I still decided to stick with my original and super concern OB. Would you believe that she would text me every now and then to keep me posted about our upcoming appointments? Who does that, really? Some OB’s wouldn’t even care if you don’t come back to them for your regular check-ups.  Some wouldn’t even bother giving out their mobile phone numbers and would just tell you to text their assistant if you have questions. (Seriously?) Oh well, OB’s job can be very demanding, and they could not reply to every text messages and inquiries you send them, but that’s why I love about my current OB. She takes care of me so much and my baby, and would reply to my text messages even at wee hours.

So to all the mommies to be out there, it’s very important to find an OB whom you’re comfortable to work with. Look for someone who’s friendly to take care of you and to be concerned about your position, and professional enough to answer all your questions. Someone who doesn’t make you feel scared and anxious about pregnancy, and makes you realize that pregnancy is such an enjoyable journey. . . And someone who doesn’t make any insensitive comments about the changes in your body J

And oh, before I forget, here’s a snapshot of how I look like with a maternity dress. My baby bump is more prominent on a side view :D 

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