Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Almost done with First Trimester

Weee! I'm almost done with 1st trimester - thank you Lord for protecting me and keeping me safe from harm. I'm so thankful because my pregnancy is not that "maselan" at all - and I am not experiencing any pain or bleeding even if I have to brave the traffic and MRT crowd everyday.
 2-hour travel going to work is no joke, most especially during the first trimester, and I am one of the lucky pregnant women who don't have to stay at home and have a bed rest all throughout their pregnancy. (Well, I hope that time wouldn't come, and may the Lord continue to guide me every day) 

The other day, I was reminiscing the time when my husband and I were still trying to conceive our baby. I had to undergo the process of raspa/d&c just to get pregnant. (hhm, it really makes me cringe every time I remember how they gave me the anesthesia) 

Ang Panginoon nga naman, He had to delay our prayers just so we could realize the real meaning of patience and understanding and  to hold on at times when you feel like giving up. Who would have thought that month we finally conceived is the exact month I stopped taking medications. Thank you Again, Lord! 

So far, I have already gained 1Kilo, and I think my baby bump is already starting to show. It's getting bigger each day and so am I. ♥


Taken last April 2013 at Las Pinas Doctors Hospital
That's me, right after I have recovered from the operation. The nurses told me that my pain tolerance is a bit high because I was able to stand up to take a pee after the operation. Well to be honest, I was really scared to take a pee because I thought it would really hurt, but I think the anesthesia really saved me from not experiencing any pain after the operation, though I got really scared when I saw A LOT OF BLOOD after I pee'd (sorry too much information!) ♥ 


  1. still sexy sis! nde pa halatang preggers, parang busog lang.hehehe! happy new year!


    1. naku salamat sis;. napangiti mo ako. kahapon pa kasi ako nag eemote at eto yung pinakamalaking na gain ko na timbang sa buong buhay ko. chos! hehe! dibale, para kay baby ♥


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