Monday, May 20, 2013

Our angel, my sister

“In my 18 years of existence”, I have always been the youngest and cutest (yeah, not the cutest – hehe) in our family. I always got the attention, and most of the time, the favor was always on me. I always dreamt of having an older sister whom I can share secrets when it comes to love, and someone whom I can borrow clothes and shoes from. Little did I know that everything would completely change the moment our little angel came to our lives. A true blessing that made our lives even more colorful and happier. She’s truly a blessing, and that made my parents strive to live more each day. She changed the way how my mom learned how to move on and accept that one family member fell short. They say that when someone goes away, a new blessing comes along the way. That’s how I see my little sister – a blessing. A complete blessing even if some people think that she’s nothing but a plain responsibility and added expense to our family.  But what people do not know is our family; love her from the bottom of our hearts. She’s totally a complete package.

There were times that I would tease and annoy her to death. (Nah, I guess that’s pretty normal with siblings right?) but no matter how much I annoy her and make her cry, my little sister never hold grudges and would still make lambing to me and she knows how to make my heart melt by saying sweet nothings and hugging me. I love her, and no matter what happens, I will always be there for her. To love her, to nurture her, cherish every moment with her and make sure that she gets the best so she wouldn’t feel less. So to my little sister Angelica (yeah, I named her after Angelica Panganiban – haha!) I love you to the moon and back. I hope you get to read this post the moment you learn how to surf the Internet, so you’d know how much Ate loves you. 

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