Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Reading is my passion

Reading books have been my safe haven lately.  I jump into the world of fictional characters to drift away from the wearing day to day, or should I say, “night to night” activities at work. At least by reading books, I feel like I am one of the main characters, and my life feels perfect as everything falls in its right place.

I've been a bibliophile ever since I was 8 years old, but unfortunately, my relationship with fictional characters had ended "temporarily" as soon as I entered college. I was overwhelmed with programming books and HTML's and I decided that I need to focus a different language. After I graduated, I worked right away and due to my demanding schedule, I never had the chance to read novels again. Now that I almost have enough time and technology is so great – (Thanks to iPad, my eBook reader and iPhone), I can already bring ALL MY BOOKS wherever I go, and reader whenever I want to. Early this year, I fully decided to make up the years I have missed by reading books. I’ve set a goal that I should read 50 books in 12 months’ time, but oh boy – it’s pretty obvious that I have missed reading so much, and as early as know, I’m already 116% beyond the goal.

The typical books I read are heart wrenching romances (I love the way how I cringe every time there’s a sad part on the book. I also enjoy reading Angel books/paranormal romances and dystopian novels.

I usually buy my eBooks from a seller I found on Instagram, and when I say buy, I really hoard books. I buy them as if there’s no tomorrow, and as if I could read all my books in one seating. (but if I were given the chance and super powers, I think I’d do that).   
Here are some of the books I have purchased from day 1 of my reading journey this year. 

And if I ever get rich, or win the lottery, I won't just buy eBooks, but I'll buy REAL books! ♥


  1. hi Kat! first off, nainspire rin ako to read again because of ur post.. may i ask san ka nakabili ng ebooks for ipad? salamat in advance! -karen

  2. Haluuu karen! sendan nalang kita ng ebooks ko lahat. tapos sa instagram ako nabili. you can search for littlemissbookie ♥

  3. Yehey! sige icheck ko yung instagram, di ako ako gumagamit nun eh :P hmmm Kat, pano mo sa akin masesend ang ebook files? salamat in advance <3

    1. okidoks :D, thanks in advance and promise not to laugh but it's rocketscience06@gmail.com

    2. okidoks, it will sound funny but it's rocketscience06@gmail.com :D

    3. sending :) PS: your email is cool :D

  4. Karen,may iba ka pa email. im getting an error msg eh. :S


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