Friday, May 17, 2013

Metro Deal - Brothers Burger deal

I’m a huge fan of Groupon sites, and I make sure to sign up to their newsletter so I receive deals from time to time. Though I love looking at massive discounts and great deals that sometimes tend to be over-promising, I always keep my fingers tight not to enter all my credit card details so I don’t have to purchase each good deal I see online. I have learned my lessons from last year, because I wasted a couple of vouchers, because I never had the chance to use them due to my work schedule and location of the establishments. I have also read numerous complaints from consumers who got scammed by these online vendors.

Lucky me, I never encountered any problems redeeming the vouchers I bought online. Perhaps one of the main reasons is that I don’t expect too much from these establishments. I am already taking into consideration that I paid less than their “Normal paying customer.” Though that shouldn’t be the case, because they should treat all their customers fairly, but I’ve already instill in my mind that it’s okay, I got a discount anyway.

One of the factors that I take into consideration when I buy vouchers is the price and location. BUT before I purchase the deal, I call the establishment and investigate to make sure they are really offering the good o discount from the groupon site. I also do not purchase travel deals and hotel reservations from groupon sites. One of my friends had experienced this nightmare from Kuponan site and paid almost 40K, only to find out that the person in charge of the reservation scammed the customer’s money! Good thing eBay was able to fix and patch things.

Just recently, I was able to find a great deal from Metrodeal that promotes Brothers Burger. I felt so happy when I saw this deal, most especially that the location is really accessible. Good thing Brothers closes at 11PM so we were able to go there just before our shift.

The vouchers cost 150 each; worth of 245 pesos. I bought 4 coupons (2 for my friends, and 2 for my husband and I) The deal offered the Cheese steak sandwich and Iced tea which I find so-so, because it looked really good in the picture: D. It said Cheese steak, but I didn’t feel any hint of cheese, but nevertheless, I was satisfied and the serving was just enough for me. But in terms of taste and sumptuousness, I’d rate it 2 out of 5 stars. The iced tea they gave us tastes like water too. Hehe. I think they might have forgotten to add the sugar ;)

Looks sloppy  :D

If I were to spend another 150 for a Cheese steak sandwich, I’d rather go to Mcdonalds and eat their big and tasty or better yet their double cheese burger. May fries pang kasama J  

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