Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My Birthday Resolutions

I stopped getting older when I turned 23.  Since then, the party and great booze, pigging out with friends and treating my officemates for lunch had ceased.  It’s as if I am still on the denial stage that my age is almost nowhere to be seen on the calendar and wanted to believe that I just graduated from college and stay that way forever.  But that is way too impossible. – Well, I know for a fact that my age doesn’t comprehend well with the way I act. Since my perspective in life is I wanted to stay younger than my real age, the way I act as observed by my husband is not close enough with the way how I am supposed to act.

So this year – as a part of my birthday resolution, I’ve realized a couple of things told myself that I should be more mature. Here are some points that I wanted to make:

·         Spend more time with my family, rather than spending too much time on Social Networking sites.

·         Save more than 10% of our actual income.

·         Stay away (yes, stay away!) from online shopping spree. Yesterday, I have deleted a couple of online shopping stores I have followed since last year to stay away from temptation. For the past year since I used Instagram, shopping online has been my activity every payday. If I come to think of it, even if a certain merchandise is so affordable, if I add up all the items I’ve purchased from day 1 up to present ate a big chunk of our savings.

·         Never snoop someone else’s life. As in stay away from the gossips that surround me.

·         Don’t trust too easily. Because we’ll never know who our true friends are. Some may be nice in front of you, but I should take into consideration that we or I couldn’t please everyone most especially in the workplace.

·         Act professional and detach emotions from work.  

·         Be more thankful with the job I have right now. To be honest, lately, I’ve been ranting so many things about my work, but I should keep in mind that it is God who made a way and directed me to this kind of job. This is His will so I should nurture it and be happy with it. There is no easy job out there - besides this job helps me to support my family, pay my bills and save for the future. To my friend Mitchie, I just want to let you know that our conversation the other day really made a great impact in my life. I love you and bear that in mind! ☻

·         Turn off the “bitch switch” for like FOREVER! :D Hehe

·         And most especially, to renew my relationship and faith with the Man up there.

So if you’re curious how I celebrated my birthday for this year – I can tell that this is the most special and wondrous birthday I have for the past 26 years. It’s because this year, I have realized so many things, which I know for sure that will make me a better and wiser person. 

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