Sunday, November 3, 2013

We passed the test!

After more than a year of trying to conceive and hitting that mark, my hubby and I finally made it! We were able to pass the test we've been taking for more than a year, and we just received and saw the 2 lines we've been waiting for. I'm positive, and proudly pregnant.

Did you know that the first PT I bought was defective so I wasn't convinced when I saw the two lines
that appeared on the test. So I bought a second PT to check if I am indeed pregnant. And when I saw the
two lines that appeared on the test, I still couldn't convince myself and bought a 3rd one. For the record, since I still  couldn't believe that my husband and I made it, I bought a 4th one. ahaha! :D

If you are wondering why I couldn't convince myself that we hit the bulls-eye, it's because I was diagnosed to have a Polycsystic syndrome which make it hard for some women to conceive a baby. I even underwent a D&C to clear my uterus lining last April so it would be easier for me to conceive. I was even prescribed some meds to induce ovulation which I am required to take every cycle. 

Just when I felt the pressure and stress of trying to conceive a baby, I then decided to stop taking medication and going to my OB regularly. My husband and I tried the natural way, and just enjoyed the baby making process without tracking my period and ovulation date. Who would have thought that the month where we finally decided not to track my Aunt Flo (period) and ovulation date is the same month where my husband and I would finally conceive! God is really wonderful and really answers prayers just in TIME. 

So if you're trying to conceive for more than a year, and starting to lose hope, do not stop there. God has better plans why he is delaying those two lines. Just keep the faith and hold on to his promises. 

So that's it! :) This will be a new journey for me. I pray for a safe 9 months of pregnancy, and I promise to keep this blog updated more often with my NANAY to be journey. 

Baby dust to all!:)

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