Monday, March 16, 2015

My typical weekends

Gone were the days when my rest days or weekends held the promise of going out, watching a movie and lazy mornings in bed. The moment my husband and I became parents, our lives had changed as in - TOTALLY. Our weekends are no longer centered about catching enough sleep, dating, late movie nights and so much more.

We now spend our weekends watching Baby Einstein, Furchester Hotel and listening to nursery rhymes. Playing with our daughter and going to the mall less than 2 hours just to buy something important. On a side note, I know deep in my heart that I’d be lying if I tell that I feel really well-rested during my rest days from work.

This is how I spent my rest days last weekend: 

·         Cooked this meal for the family (as if we’re a big number, I just love cooking by batches so I don’t have to cook during lunch and dinner time, hehe)

·         Played with our daughter (Palagi naman :) )

·         Fed and made my daughter's baby food (palagi din :) )

·         Went to the grocery

Took this photo a week ago when we went to the grocery too :D 

·         Spent some quality time with my husband. After several months, we finally got the chance to catch up a late movie. Too bad we weren’t able to finish it, because my daughter kept on waking up so i had to go back and forth the bed to cradle her.

·           Got to read a very good book.

·         Went to Paranaque to meet my stepmom.

·         Did some general cleaning and re-arranged the room.

·         Organized the cabinet :D

I barely get enough rest during rest days, but I know things will get better as soon as my daughter grows up. (or will it become worse?) 

There are times that I still miss the old way, but I wouldn’t trade this kind of weekends with our daughter for the world. Weekends are no longer fun as much as before, but what I enjoy the most about my rest days is the time I spend with my husband and my daughter, and that is just priceless.


  1. A great day. Andaming gala yes tiring but memorable for you and your family. Cute baby :)

  2. You did a great job as a wife and a mom! Keep it up!


  3. indeed, we don't seem to have as much "fun" as before once we have kids, but somehow we don't mind, right? it's like our definition of "fun" changes, and we make "sacrifices" for the sake of the kids but we don't think of them as sacrifices at all. it's just, well, that's who we are now! glad you're enjoying it!

  4. It's always comforting to be around the family. It's our escape from the harsh realities of life.

  5. hahaha you guys will definitely have more time to go out when she gets a bit older ;)

  6. I can totally relate! It's really more tiring and more hectic when you have your own family. But it sure is definitely worth it dba? :)

  7. I can totally relate. I no longer have weekends so to speak since I travel back and forth to Baguio every weekend so I can spend time with my son. I may not get enough rest but I enjoy the time I spend with my little boy so much... :)

  8. Relate! There are times that I miss the night outs and the hanging outs and the impulsive shopping but I love spending what little time the weekend has to offer with my son more than the usual things I did before he came.. :)

  9. Super relate during my single days weekend is my sleep mode when I gave birth no more, and now he is four all my attention every weekend is with him. But nevertheless no regrets spending restless weekend with my family

  10. That's a nice idea, cooking in big batches! Super practical. And I miss doing a day in the life posts. Makagawa nga rin ulit!

  11. After all that happened, aminin mo. It's still one of your greatest weekends that you won't trade for anything else! You made me crave for Buko Pandan!

  12. The joys of motherhood. Thanks for sharing. -MacySantos

  13. wait until she turns two she wants to go with you everywhere you go!! but still enjoy since it won't lasts forever!!


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