Friday, March 6, 2015

Homemade Brown Rice Cereal with Apples and Bananas

I feel so proud of myself because I was able to make Milly’s first very own Brown Rice Cereal with Apples and Bananas. It may not seem very much but I just love making homemade food for Milly; it just gives me so much joy. My eyes would totally light up every time I see her enjoy every meal I prepare for her. I just want her to be hale and hearty and this is my way of introducing that to her.

The other day, I tried my luck to prepare her very first homemade cereal. To be honest, I wasn’t really that confident while I started grinding the brown rice. I got really cautious because I didn’t want to waste any ingredients every time I prepare Milly’s meal.  As I started grinding the brown rice and saw them turn into small pieces, I knew right there and then that I was doing the right thing. Remember, brown rice takes a while before it gets cooked.  Boiling water and continuously stirring the rice will do the trick. (Took me about 10-15 minutes before I got the right texture) 

Here’s what you need:
·         A food processor with miller/grinder (not sure if blender can do this though)
·         4-5 tablespoons of brown rice
·         2 medium bananas
·         1 apple
·         1 cup water (or more)
·         ½ cup water (for puree)

What you need to do:

·         Grind the brown rice. Set aside.

·         Pour the water on the pot. Add the brown rice. Let it boil. Continue stirring. You will notice that the texture will get sticky. You will have to add more water because we do not want to “burn” the brown rice. Gradually pour water while checking if the rice is already cooked. (I did 6-8 taste tests to make sure if the rice is already soft). Once cooked, set aside.

·         Now, steam the apple.

·         Combine the bananas and steamed apple in the food processor.

·         Gradually pour ½ cup of water. Puree until you get the right consistency.

·         Mix the brown rice cereal with the banapple puree. Puree for another minute.

·         Serve and let your baby enjoy your homemade baby food!

Taste level: 5 stars J

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